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Its been a while since ive turned level 50 and wanted to try and play ranked with my friends but the game says i need to turn on two step authentication which ill gladly do but sadly Ubisoft isnt emailing me my codes ive followed there little help page stuff about checking my junk box and spam but nothing 0 emails with a code to turn on two step auth and since november 10th ive been in a case which has gone nowhere the staff offer little help and the one person i talked to live says he couldnt directly send me a code as thats an internal thing so hes passed me to another person whos just asking me for ingame screen shots which has nothing to do with the case and makes 0 sense how can i screen shot a error that isnt even there??? i just want a code so i can turn on two step authentication so i can access a game mode on the game ive paid for and owned for multiple years now i dont understand why its so hard for ubisoft to actually help me

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Hey @epiepsilon,

Sorry to hear that you have had trouble enabling 2 step authentication to allow you to play ranked with your friends.

This is not something that we can help with directly via the forums but I have opened a case for you where we will be happy to help further.

You can access your case using this link

I will lock this thread now

Many thanks

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