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Today we’re excited to announce the inclusion of NVIDIA Reflex in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege![www.nvidia.com] Reflex will help reduce click-to-display latency in Rainbow Six Siege.

Have no idea what click-to-display latency means? Well, to help answer your questions about NVIDIA Reflex, frame rates, monitor refresh rates or all things latency-related, we’ve invited NVIDIA Product Manager, Seth Schneider to review your top questions. Find his bio below.

We’ll be collecting the top questions from this thread and answering them in an interview between Seth and Ubisoft PC ComDev Gabe Begorgis on YouTube in the coming weeks.

Questions will be collected over the next 24 hours.

NVIDIA has also put together a cool video on low latency in Rainbow Six Siege:

Seth Schneider: (NVIDIA Reflex, Esports)
Seth Schneider is the product manager for esports and competitive gaming products like 360Hz G-SYNC displays, Reflex Low Latency mode in games, Ultra Low Latency mode in the driver, and the Reflex Latency Analyzer. In addition to consumer products, Seth also works on press and reviewers tools like LDAT, PCAT, and FrameView to help bring the world of measuring PC responsiveness to gamers.

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