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Have you seen the 2.0 Ping System? How do you feel about it?

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Rainbow Six Siege will adopt a pinging system similar to Apex Legends
Non-verbal communication in Rainbow Six Siege is getting a major upgrade. With Ping 2.0, players will have new ways to call out gadgets to teammates without a mic. The first iteration of Ping 2.0, coming to the Siege test server in the first half of Year 5, will let players ping gadgets to show their exact location on the map.This is the first big iteration to Siege’s ping system since the game’s release in 2015. Currently, you can ping a location with a generic yellow mark. It works great, but it’s hard to tell why somebody is pinging something unless they accompany it with a voice callout. After seeing Apex Legends’ innovative contextual pings last year, Siege fans started asking Ubisoft to implement something similar.