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@_GeorgeJrG If you believe someone may be DDoSing the lobby, here is how to properly report them: https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2213172-Lobby-Freezing-and-DDoS-Reports
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@ryandiddlydoyle In our Status Report, we mentioned that we are looking into several ways to rework the Vote To Kick system. You can read more here: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/rainbow-six/siege/news-updates/HyDyYTuRkWtyYQ3WDFeEL/rainbow-six-siege-status-report
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@B07Bolton You can send screenshots of them directly to @UbisoftSupport to have them looked into!
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@_BIGBOSSGLEESH If you are still having this issue when playing Ranked, please reach out to @UbisoftSupport for assistance.
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@CristianJM2001 We posted an update about issues with sound with our Status Report: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/rainbow-six/siege/news-updates/HyDyYTuRkWtyYQ3WDFeEL/rainbow-six-siege-status-report

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Lobby Freezing and DDoS Reports | Forums
Hello everyone! The R6 dev team is aware of the recent increase in DDoS/Lobby Freezing reports. To help the team look further into this issue, please answer the following questions through our support portal. It is important to specify if you suspect a DDoS attack or lobby freezing, as they are two different kinds of issues. Please note that naming and shaming is against our forum rules. You can read this post for more information on why this is not allowed. Naming and shaming posts will

Rainbow Six Siege Status Report
In this Status Report we will be shedding some light on long-standing topics of player concerns that are very important to us, but also complex to discuss.