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the game for some reason i have validated it so many times it always says one file failed to validate and this has been for 2 years now i ignored it for so long and now its so bad that every time i pick a op like blitz or nomad the game wont load in causal or even ranked and it get annoying every time because if i want to play with friends i have to pick a certain op or I crash or wont load and battleye has to kick me and in ranked i just get banned for a few mins i was hopping the you could find the problem and fix it so i can get back to playing rainbow six siege with out it crashing every time i choose to play the game because its getting so bad that i am holding off from the game for a few weeks and i don't want to do that because rainbow six siege isn't dead yet and i want to stay with siege until it dies
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Hey, ReaperHD25!

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. As validating the game files has not worked it may be best to re-install the game.

Please try this and let us know if the issue continues, thank you.