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My game crashed and my teammate clicked the cancel the match button and I am banned because you guys cant get the game running properly.
My game crashed again and I got a 60 minutes ban because, again, you guys cant get your own work done.
I am punished for YOUR MISTAKES.
I have won 3 rounds in one match and my game crashed in the last round, my friend cant pause the match and after I get the game on, the match is over.
25 days ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link
Hey Alphasquard, thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the crash issue you've been experiencing.

First and foremost, so that we could look into the matter further, can I ask you to advise us the following:

1. Do you use Vulkan or DX API?
2. Do you receive any error message when game crashes?
3. Did you notice any consistencies in-game that leads to game crash, such as any actions in-game, for example?

In the meantime, if you haven't already, try completing steps outlined in the following article, starting of by verifying your game files first, and see if issue persists.

In relation to 'Pause' possibility, I appreciate where you're coming from and will forward your feedback to our team accordingly.