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Originally posted by S: Sorry to bug with this here but im kind of running out of options. Ubi was of no help at all.
I got a new computer and after installing R6 i launch to find out there is no outgoing sound at all. Other apps are fine, Youtube and whatever else while rR6 is up. Ive tried the Hz thing, turning off/ changing speakers and everything else. Not sure what to do! I could use some advice if anyone has an idea how to fix this.

Hey S,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Do you have any other programs running in the background when playing that use audio (music / discord / browser video / etc)?

Could you please also check the Windows Volume Mixer (right click speaker icon on taskbar > Open Volume Mixer) and ensure that the game isn't muted there at all?

Please let us know how you get on, thank you!

- Ubisoft Support