19 days ago - Ubi Milky - Direct link
Hello ADHD KIng, if you continue having trouble buying credits on Siege, you can try the following steps to try and resolve this >

FIX 1: If using a VPN, please disable this before making a purchase.

FIX 2: Would you please try making the purchase using your Steam Wallet funds if available?

Here is a guide on how to add these funds to Steam -

FIX 3: Try disabling the Steam overlay and make the purchase using the Ubisoft Connect overlay instead, in case both overlays are interfering with each other? -

- Find the game in your Steam Library -> Manage menu -> Properties
- Under the General tab, you'll find a checkbox for Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game, please untick this, then click OK
- Finally try making the purchase

FIX 4: If you have both the Vulkan and DirectX versions of the game installed, please try making a purchase on both versions of the game, as some players have had success on one version of the game, whilst being unable to purchase on the other.-Ubi-Milky

-Ubisoft Support

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