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The game is in an early state (though in my very biased opinion it is a lot of fun, and runs quite well) but we are working to release monthly updates filled with content (as well as patches outside of this), so if you're interested in playing the title and seeing the game grow over time, I would recommend jumping in. We have a pretty dense playerbase with lots of people willing to help newcomers, as well.

That said, there's nothing wrong with making a purchase, trying it for less than two hours, and refunding if you don't think you enjoy it yet.

As a player in the game's current state you can help shape the game in a sense, too. We actively monitor feedback and improve features + levels based on reception (of course, we have our own vision for the game which we are following).

Hope the responses here have helped to inform you.

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Bought the game last night, and I agree it runs very well! The experience was very smooth and polished considering it’s still in early development.

Thanks for your support! I hope that we can continue to do right by you and everyone else who has purchased the game.

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