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I swear you can't criticize a single aspect of this game without being yelled at or called a clown. Like jesus, I bought the damn thing I can talk about things I don't like in it.

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I feel like this sub gets its fair share of criticism that we definitely see. Steam is a different beast entirely ha! But if you have feedback, post here. I read everything.

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Originally posted by DevastatorCenturion

Why don't you address McDewgle's post on the state of the AI being deleted then? Seeing it get deleted when it's all perfectly valid and politely delivered criticism absolutely destroys confidence in the moderation team here, which contains not one but two developers.

Well, I wrote multiple comments at length addressing points in the video. Also just to be clear: devs don't moderate, not sure where we'd get the time. I like to jump in here and address things because I like engaging with the community.. honestly that is the easy part! I don't have to go through hundreds of messages etc. daily.

However, we constantly get posts about the AI and I like to think I do a good job of commenting on (most of) them!

The content in that video in particular was great (again, at least the AI parts), but it is absolutely stuff we've seen before on this subreddit and those weren't shut down. If the mods have a good reason, I trust them to make good decisions based on that information.

If we had a situation where every critical piece of content about our game was being taken down? Yeah, that'd be a problem. But have a look through my history if you'd like and you'll see plenty of comments on posts critiquing the game.