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Thought of purchasing the PC version

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Dev Team is working everyday in this game. You have to undertand that STEAM is not the only platform where this game is and we are a small studio.

Thanks for your patience and undertanding.

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Originally posted by POBmaestro: @Gomez would it be worth updating the roadmap thread opening paragraph? It currently states the campaign is being worked on for a June release, and although it mentions the editor afterwards and you've posted a number of times about it, updating the roadmap sticky thread might help stop threads like this. Just a suggestion :)


Dev team will update that thread.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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People who start these threads obviously didn't take even a single moment to do any research at all. They don't even take 5 seconds to look at the forum. They just start a nonsense thread for the hell of it. It's not like there wasn't already an active thread on this exact same subject either.

Go away troll.
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No, it is not.

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