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Originally Posted by Vilya The weekend is almost upon us, so let's get ready for it now.Grab your translocation shards and your experience vials and let's make it a party!Check out these offers which are 30% off normal prices for a limited time!
  • Transcendent Skill Sphere
  • Transcendent Experience Vial
  • Transcendent Token Tablet
  • A sack of 10 Translocation Shards
  • A sack of 20 Translocation Shards
  • A sack of 30 Translocation Shards
But that is not all! We will be running the following events too!
  • +50% Planerite Multiplier
  • +50% Dungeon Currency Multiplier
Start: Thursday - July 15, 2021 5:00PM CEST / 3:00PM UTC / 10:00AM CDTEnd: Monday - July 19, 2021 at 5:00PM CEST / 3:00PM UTC / 10:00AM CDTDon't see your time listed? Please visit: [Time Zone Map] or [WorldClock] to adjust sales time to your time. We will not compensate for being too early or too late with your purchases.
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