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29 May

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Originally Posted by Amaliena Quel week-end diabolique !Les Messorans ont encore une fois envahi Telara ! Préparez-vous à sauver le monde !Ces envahisseurs capricieux sont venus d’un pays très, très éloigné. Leur objectif est simple : ils veulent s’approprier Telara et en faire leur nouvelle demeure. Faites barrage à leurs ambitions cupides.Événement « Appel à l’action » Du vendredi 29 mai 2020, minuit (heure serveur) jusqu’au dimanche 31 mai 2020, minuit (heure serveur), les Messorans de Defiance 2050 envahiront RIFT ! Au cours de cet événement à durée limitée, la Faille Messoran ap... Read more

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After having a sneak peek last week, where you were able to experience the new World Boss, including his mechanics, today is the day! Alisich and Eki'i recruited their friend - Thelori-iskzah <Crabs' Revenge> - to go on a hunt with them! He is here to revenge all Telarian crabs killed by the ascended!

You are wondering what loot you can receive? Or how the new boss is working and what you have to keep in mind when engaging him? Our >>FAQ << has information on everything you need to know!

Here is an overview of today's patch notes:

Thelori-iskzah <Crabs' Revenge>, the new World Boss, is now activated and live on all servers.

What are you waiting for? Log in, gather your friends and guild, and go hunting!

14 May

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Alisich and Eki'i have been hunting the Ascended for 3 weeks now. During today's maintenance, some adjustments have been made regarding the player's hit rating when engaging those two bosses, as well as the two pet versions of them.

Here is an overview of today's patch notes:

� Pets dropped by Eki'i and Alisich are now tradable.
� While in proximity of Eki�i or Alisich, player�s hit rating is now increased to a level where abilities and attacks can connect regardless... Read more

07 May

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2 weeks have passed since Alisich and Eki'i started to defend the critters of Telara. Have you been able to defeat them? For more information on those two, check out our >>FAQ <

During today's maintenance, some adjustments has been made regarding the next world bosses that will join - in the near future - Alisich and Eki'i in their fight against the Ascended!

Here is an overview of today's patch notes:

Bug Fixes:
� Fixed some bugs regarding new and ... Read more

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