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17 May

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EDIT: This was updated to 1.0.2282. It should now be compatible with pretty much everything except the ModCheck mod. Please let us know about any problems in the comments! Reading carefully.

Original post below:

On the unstable beta branch, you'll find version 1.0.2271. This version is almost the same as the previous version, with the following changes:
  • A potential fix for a bug that can cause very slow loading of mods in some cases.
  • Updated language data to latest version.
  • Updated player-created names with all approved content.
Mostly we're looking to test the first of the above. It would be awesome if any player who had trouble with slow loading of mods (anything over a minute or two) would give the unstable branch a try and let us know if anything changes.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give feedback on this in the comments here or in the ... Read more

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Originally posted by Best_Remi

probably a bug in that case, that's OP af

Yeah, it's a bug. I can't remember if we fixed it already.


Originally posted by Vallac_de_Guletta

Duct tape. That's missing in rimworld.

That would be funny. Like a special material where you can make literally anything from it - furniture, walls, guns, swords, explosives, computers.

04 May


Originally posted by HolyMuffins

creepy breathing


This one really got me.

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Originally posted by somewhereoutinspace

Please, please, PLEASE add an ironman mode so I'm not tempted to use Devmode.

Specifically, ironman would be a toggle at game start. If you have it on:

  1. The game is locked to Permadeath and your selected storyteller/difficulty. The options to change these in game would be grayed out.
  2. Development mode will never show up on that save file.
  3. Encrypt the save file so manual edits aren't possible.

Thanks in advance to u/TynanSylvester if this gets added!

For now I recommend you use the "permanently disable dev mode" tool in the options menu.

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20 Apr

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