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Hey @RocketArena community - based on feedback, we’re making changes to Ranked. 🚀We're adding Treasure Hunt to Ranked on the following maps: Temples of Jaaqua, Stompy's Refuge, Icefall Keep, and The Shimmering Depths. ❄️We're removing Frostwind Grove from Ranked. #LETSROCKET http://pbs.twimg.com/media/EdYplzMU8AAMV5v.png
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We are your Grand Champions! Super proud of our team. Thanks @mercgg for hosting this event and looking forward to competing in some more @RocketArena #FeelTheForce https://t.co/XJ0wqRrUrp
Congrats on your win! https://twitter.com/RCGForce/status/1284607263655723009
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Want to spice up your @RocketArena content? Want some awesome quality images of our Heroes, maps, logo, and more? Then blast off, Rocket Arena community - here you go! http://x.ea.com/64043 http://pbs.twimg.com/media/EdZ6_3MUMAUMLTY.jpg

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