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Hello everyone,

Quick note regarding players idling or quitting mid-match:

We have seen an increase in reports from our community regarding AFK/idle players and players who quit mid-match. This impacts players’ ability to finish matches, and in Ranked matches, can negatively impact their rank through no fault of their own. To combat this, we are instituting an AFK/Quit policy.

In order to address purposeful idling and quitting from matches, we will begin issuing bans to players who show habitual quitting and idling behavior.

Ban severity may range from temporary bans to permanent bans from Rocket Arena depending on the severity of the offenses.

Please visit https://help.ea.com/en/help/account/information-about-banned-or-suspended-accounts/ for more information on banned/suspended accounts and options for appealing.

The team at FSG

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Originally posted by [deleted]

Got banned for “EA anticheat” on Xbox one despite it being impossible to cheat on consoles. Someone must’ve spam reported me for fragging as Topnotch 🤷🏻‍♂️

Use the appeal link in the OP to appeal your suspension.

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Originally posted by ZzirBreeze

What about unintentional disconnects? Can you offer the ability to reconnect to a match that’s still going on?

Unintentional disconnects are different than blatant and deliberate quitting 20 times in a row because someone is losing. We can detect the difference.

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Originally posted by ComiX-Fan

What about the issue with the game freezing and then shutting down on Xbox?

Does this new policy take that into account?

Intentionally leaving/quitting mid-match or deliberately going AFK is different than having a technical issue that makes you leave the match. We can see the difference (and historical activity of players).

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Originally posted by FetchingTheSwagni

So do bans only take place in Ranked? Or is it casuals too?

Also, I feel like there should be a warning period first, since from what I can tell there is no indication that leaving will ban you in the game that I can tell. So if you leave a game, it should warn you that leaving can result in punishments.

Also, permabanning leavers is kind of iffy imo. I agree leavers should be punished, but a severe punishment such as permabanning someone is a bit much. Especially since this game's target audience seems to be younger.

I feel like there should be a time out, like other games, where when you leave a match you cannot join for 5 minutes, and then after someone triggers that enough it moves to 10 minutes, and just keeps growing until eventually they are running on day long time outs.
I don't know how hard something like that would be to program, though, but I think league had/has something similar. At least in casuals, Ranked should hold a more severe penalty.

I would also recommend, if possible, in casuals replacing leavers with bots. That way there is at least something there, because 1v3 isn't fun for either team imo.
But in Ranked, if possible, the leaver should be locked out of joining any other match until the current ranked match is finished, and if they don't rejoin they get a timer penalty.

I'm just making suggestions. I've always been pretty on the fence when it came to leaver penalty, especially in the form of bans. And since the current player base seems relatively small, I'd hate to see a bunch get banned because they got frustrated because they are new to the game, going up against a level 100 (which I imagine is the main reason for leaving).

Appreciate the feedback. We're targeting deliberate/intentional repeat offenders.

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Originally posted by NeonNebula9178

I just got this game today and I do not think permabanning idle players is a good idea at all, the game has low player counts as it is and punishing people that hard just because they had to do something for 2 minutes, in my opinion is too much and will drive off new players from this game. The game is targeted at a younger audience and even if you are not that audience some people need to do things sometimes. Maybe a time out like what games like halo, siege etc do would be better, and then let people join halfway through a match to stop it from being unfair 1v3's or 1v2's because no one wants to be in a match where it feels like its rigged against you and you cant leave because you will get banned or suspended.

Note - this isn't going after someone who may AFK once or twice. The goal is to remove people who habitually abuse the systems and impact the gameplay of others.

Just like bad internet disconnects are different than obvious mid-match quitters.

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Originally posted by Secessio-Plebis

How do I know if I’ve been temporarily banned or permanently banned? It just says “anti-cheat” banned?

You can use the link in the OP to appeal your ban or check on status.