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How many of those 20 reported got disciplined by Psyonix?


What's the point of having the possibility to report people for this when nothing is done about it.

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Hey there!

A couple of things to address here:
- ban duration rises as they accumulate more bans. Someone who received their first ban may be back to playing as quick as the next day
- We currently do large batches of bans! If you reported on Monday, they might not receive a ban until Tuesday. While we're working on more immediate solutions, our batch ban method has allowed us to catch far more offenders than we did previously!
- You don't always receive a notification for Unsportsmanlike Conduct bans due to your reports. However, should the player meet a couple of different requirements, they do get banned. The feedback reports are something we're aware that players highly value and is something we would like to explore implementing in increased frequency.