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So I have a switch lite and I got rocket league bc I wanted to try it as I've never played it before. I've done the tutorials and sh*t and I try and play casual but it straight up will not let me. I can't play at all for some reason. Like I can do freelance and training and all that. But that's it. I can't play casual whatsoever. I'll like hover over casual click a to choose it and nothing ever happens. Anyone know why or what I can do :/

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I assumed I was bc I played fortnite all the time with no problem. Granted it's been a little while, but I tried I tried link my accounts and it says I can't connect to the servers so idk. My wifi is fine bc I can play other online games np rn.

it says I can't connect to the servers so idk

This is the clue that I was looking for. Do you happen to be an Animal Crossing time traveler? 👀