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OBVIOUSLY not too many people are happy with season rewards as of late. I'm not. Its the first season ive gotten champ rewards and they look like the flintstones crashed into mad max.

I think psyonix isnt necessarily out of ideas, but it feels like panic to do something that stands out from other items. 'Let just make it more extreme and out there and at least it will be new and original to the game'. SUCH an easy way to fix this is demonstrated by posts by u/Working_Imagination8 like this and this. Players want input for sure, and at the same time, not everybody loves everybody's idea of a sick wheel. Could we have a community reward each season? Psyonix already implements a lot of new items each season, but it would be VERY COOL if the layer base could submit items and vote on them. maybe three end up in game at the end of voting and you get to choose your favorite? maybe youd get all three? maybe voting would end with just one item being added to the game? I Think it would be absolutely awesome. And hey if the community votes on some ugly donkeysauce wheels, the people have spoken.

Dont get me wrong, I know its not simple to integrate, but as the game gets older, you have to find ways to not only make your game appealing to your player base, but you also are going to be relying on a community of people that still LOVE this game, and you need to get them involved.

Also These are honestly clean as hell and Id be so stoked to get them as a reward.

Edit: Had to make sure i got u/working_imagination8's final pass on the concept wheels. CLEAN.

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Hey! I actually answered this in the AMA we did a little bit back but I'll say it here too! Community-designed items are something we are interested in. There are a lot of details to work out before this could ever be a thing, but, we've certainly taken note of who some of our talented designers are.

Edit: My previous answer which is basically the same thing https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/q8qlbd/hey_there_rrocketleague_were_some_of_the_folks/hgrfx3w/