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I’ve never seen so many potatoes in a single game. I’m not talking about actual gun skills, majority of Rogues have no IQ. Have closest hill off spawn? 3 cut through middle and camp. Bomb is placed on demo? Camp opposite side of that map and don’t check bomb in 5 second intervals. You’re down and need a revive? Don’t expect anyone to pick you up. Born without thumbs? Pick phantom. It’s insane.

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People not reviving is definitely not exaggerated at all. I literally lose multiple games a day because my teammates either waste time finishing a downed player or go to challenge a new gunfight instead of reviving me to play numbers. Maybe you get great lobbies but tbh I’d say at least 50% of the time I’m the only player on my team reviving people.

As a support main I feel your pain!

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I want sbmm

We have sbmm. We also segregate new players from players level 10 and above. The more you play the more accurate the ssmm is, just got to give it a bit of time (30 games will probably get it pretty locked in to you)