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The surrender bug is almost a month old. The fact that you haven't fixed or at the very least disable the surrender option entirely yet is frustrating. Your game community is declining and its obvious why. The surrender bug should have been hotfixed with in a week OR you disable it for the time being. Don't let a frustrating bug like that plague the game. Why would i play a game that forces me to quit even if im winning? Or better yet why would i spend money on the game that doesn't fix simple issues? Its putting a negative toll on your player base which is already on a decline. Eventually people will become fed up and stop playing. I really don't want that to happen. I love this game. If you cant fix things in a timely manner my guess would be your understaffed. A easy fix would be to not spend money on things like dr.disrespect. I love the guy but he clearly doesn't give a sh*t about this game. Im sure you could've hired more staff with that money.

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Hi there! We actually did disable Surrender unless a teammate leaves to address the issue. This was prior to the holiday break however you should see it fixed with our next update.