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You guys are killing the Ranked scene. Put back losing points when you lose a Ranked match.

Do you know how many Ranked games people quit in now? I can hardly complete an entire Ranked match without someone on one of the teams quitting.

Also make the deserter penalty longer and lose more Ranked points. People just turn off their system or go play another game. The little 30 minute deserter penalty is useless.

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18 days ago - /u/HiRezMini - Direct link

Did some poking around on this one today and it appears to be a visual bug (meaning you're losing points but not seeing how much you're losing). If you've played a match and seen this issue, can you post your match ID so I can verify?

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Originally posted by VEKET1

Weird, when I got to plat 5, I had 4 points and in the next match I lost, but I still was plat 5, does It mean it's not showing the correct rank?

Do you have a match ID so I can check?