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I’m on Xbox series s and my game constantly crashes and it has been like this for over the last couple months. I just recently had multiple crashes in record time for me.

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Our team is looking into an issue that is impacting servers right now. Appreciate the report and your patience!

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Originally posted by VEKET1

Thanks for the tag on this. I see this one is for Xbox Series S, but you play on Xbox Series X, right? Just trying to make sure that my testing on Xbox Series X was valid or if I need to switch over to a Series S

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Originally posted by TerraNova3693

I've also been having constant crashes on Series X for the couple weeks.

Thank you for the info! I tried reproducing this myself using an Xbox Series X with a 40 inch 4K Samsung TV. What does your set up look like and what settings have you changed in the game? I really want to reproduce this issue so I can track down the root cause!

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I’ve had a few crashes on series x. Haven’t been playing as much but last week I had 3 in one session. Using Xbox series x 1440p 120htz on a 55 inch Samsung. Two crashes in the menu the other as the match was about to end in demolition.

Thank you for the extra info!