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Just a post to say thanks to the dev team, i was waiting since 1 month for some new stuff to come in the shop, and its look like today's the day !

Thanks to you for having removed the FIXER skin that has been in the shop since 2 or 3 week now. (Maybe more, not sure tbh)

Thanks to have release a new fresh Ronin skin, even if i don't main this char, this skin is dope !

Thanks to have moved the Disrespect stuff in another subcategory, this help to let place to all the new skins you have release in the shop today, even the already seen Talon skin if so cool !

Thanks for all the 4 new emote in the shop ,they're looking fun, dumb, and crazy, all i want for an emote !

Thanks guy for this new shop, i'm really happy to see that change start to come.I wish you a great day and hope Hi-rez employee gonna see this post atleast. Keep up the good work ! Wish you the best.

Edit : Thanks for the Phantom starter pack bundle too, its cheap and contain lot of stuff. So thanks a lot.Can't wait to see some stuff for Chaac or Lancer ( another skin than the one which is in the shop today, not my taste ).

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about 2 months ago - /u/HiRezRadar - Direct link

We're glad you appreciate the store update! We do have a lot of stuff available/on sale this week so be sure to take advantage of it if you are interested.

Also glad you took advantage of the Phantom bundle. If you own her it's a no brainer in my personal opinion but even if you don't you should be able to pick her up with the Rogue Bucks included.