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Y’all new maps are coming, a new character in season 1 AND BATTLE PASSES Edit: season 1 comes in the first week in February and new ranked is coming

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Originally posted by Born2beSlicker

The Year 1 pass is $25. The season 1 Battle Pass didn’t get a price established.

This is correct, the Year 1 pass will be priced at $25 USD (or appropriate conversion in your home currency). We'll have more information on Battlepass pricing in the near future!

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Originally posted by Rasklapanje123

PLEASE tell us until when will we be able to unlock the lv30 avatar! I'm so near but if it's next week I'll need to accelerate (I know one could assume it's in february but there isn't anything established).

Are you referring to the current Ranked? Did you unlock it and not receive it?