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It's a really sad attempt at a report feature. I will keep saying this. Rogue/Hirez for some reason are putting in new features to appease the base, only to introduce those features half heartedly, only doing the absolute bare minimum, or it's full of inconsistencies/bugs. But sadly they move right along to the next new feature. We've hardly got any meaningful bug fixes in the last month or 2. This should not happen for something as simple as a report function. Hell, the chat has been disabled for over a month. A chat system. It's honestly telling they spend more time on skins and re skins but bugs are just rampant.

Hey there!

First appreciate the concern around reporting because it's important to the team and very important to me personally. These reports do help us identify undesirable behavior and action is taken regularly based on them.

Right now we are discussing the best ways to incorporate simpler reporting. You can report folks during the match but it may not be as intuitive or even working as we intend.

In terms of skins, do bear in mind different people work on different things. While it's necessary for us to maintain a store, most bugfixing is done by programmers and UI folks not artists.

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Yes it is lame. Sorry about that. I'm talking to the client programming lead and hopefully will have a fix in the next patch. (You can report the person on the in-game scoreboard but not in the scoreboard after the game)