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I just played a game of ranked with these 2 guys that were bullying this other kid on my team. Bigchocolate657 and TTV_FearEliteAce I also have a pic of their gamer tags if needed.

The kid being bullied was a pretty low level and was obviously new to the game. They were saying things like “what’s an smg?” When the kid said he bought one, then when he tried to explain what an smg was the two just laughed and made fun of him. They also tried to trick him into surrendering saying it was “an easy way to win” in a very belittling way. After we lost one of them said “hey this kid’s pretty good we should invite him......it would be nice to be bronze again.” In an EXTREMELY sarcastic voice and laughed after.

I could go on about how these two straight up bullied this kid and I’d he happy to, but that’s the general idea. They were just very hurtful the entire time.

I happily reported both of them for harassment and one of them is on Xbox with a different gt so I reported him there as well. I would love to get in touch with the devs to give more info and get these two punished.

And no I will not be sharing the one guy’s Xbox gamer tag. I don’t promote witch hunts.

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Report means nothing. It's like not even working.

Respectfully, I must disagree. I use Reports from our system in making determinations of suspensions and bans regularly. We appreciate folks who take the time to make them and it does improve the overall community.

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Just out of curiosity when looking at reports do you focus on the written report or just that a report exists?

Both honestly. You can get reported for many many things so the reasoning does matter.