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23 Jul


Originally posted by Nefarious-Chicken

When are you guys planning to go into open beta? What will the battle pass feature, and what kind of rewards will be earned by leveling up rogues?

Loving this game so far :)

Open beta will not happen until the roadmap that we shared is completed. Once that happens expect it to be imminent.


Originally posted by ACIDFACE96

Sorry I meant as in private party chat.

Hmm, at this time I don't think we have plans for in game private chat.


Originally posted by Mr_Micio

First of all, you did an awesome job with RoCo, the game is so fun to play. Anyway since the Paladins and Smite times, the skins felt so great and unique, every one felt like a different character so, beside the weapons will you give skins also to the characters? And the Battle Pass system will be implemented in the future right? I'm looking forward to the skins


Love the question!

We will be releasing skins for Characters and Wing suits! Expect to see some Rogue Skins coming in the next couple of releases! :D


Originally posted by twfmswb

Anticipated timeline for phase 1, 2, 3, as laid out in your road map?

Most of the features on the roadmap that was shared will be completed this summer and fall. A few things may drag into the winter but we hope not!


Originally posted by CrispChum

  1. Where am I able to report bugs and view known bugs? I love the game so far, there are just some bugs which is understandable. I'd also like to add feedback, other than bugs. For example: double tapping crouch to roll.

  2. Are there plans to eventually add more game modes? Battle royale, domination, etc?

Keep up the great work!

This is a great question and I have good news about bug reporting. You can report them right here on Reddit! We're here checking every day all day.


Originally posted by Andreathedoor

When is the 0.48 update?

Middle of August! Our current development cycle for 48 will be complete next week and then we have to certify it for all of the platforms.


Originally posted by Funnynamehahaha

Hey! I just want to know if you guys Do you guys have new game modes in mind? For example if you make a TDM gamemode. You start with a pistol, then the longer you live and more elims and assists you get money and can buy items. You can still stick to basics of the characters and their abilities.

Hey! Right now we're focused on our core 4v4 modes but we have plans for a lot of limited time modes and new modes in general!


Originally posted by GOKIAGERX

Will there be a smite Chaac skin for Chaac?

lol, we'll see.


Originally posted by BawseGrande

Are we getting an assest kit/fansite kit?

head to for now, we will build out the creator portal more in the near future!


Originally posted by Clephen

If I want to play the Closed Beta on both my Nintendo Switch and my PS4, do I need to buy founders packs for both consoles?

If I want to play the Closed Beta on both my Nintendo Switch and my PS4, do I need to buy founders packs for both consoles?

You need access to the game on both platforms, yes.


Originally posted by iamneubert

Will you stay away from loot boxes and keep this a consumer friendly game with a nice item shop?

We have no plans for loot boxes in Rogue Company. We do strive to be consumer and player friendly.


Originally posted by Vanquishment

the fact that you are considering replying to the SBMM question at the top... right?



Originally posted by CrispChum

Yes! I want to be able to double tap crouch to roll.

an we get the ability to map a single press double press long press so we can have like jump and dodge crouch mapped to the same button?

Love that suggestion! I'll see what I can do.


Originally posted by BoundbyFate

Your commitment to gaming. Coming back to Hi-rez was a good move. The SMITE community missed you!

thank you for answering my sh*tpost and being wholesome :)


Originally posted by DarthShrekFromMario

Are you planning on improving revives in the future? It would be nice if we had a little longer to revive eachother, and maybe saint can have 2 drones instead of just 1.

Thanks for the question! In the next patch we'll be adjusting the bleedout time in Strikeout to give players a bit more time to react and get off a revive which should help. We feel like it's in a good spot already in demolition.

As for Saint we feel he's in a really good spot right now as is :)


Originally posted by Shibby1507

Are custom crosshairs going to be a thing? Will we be able to change it?


No plans yet but anything is possible. Personally, I'm a proponent of giving players the ability to adjust the color of their reticle. I'll do my best to make it happen!


Originally posted by xzhire

How long do you plan on supporting this game ?

Smite has been going strong for over 9 years and just recently has hit some record revenue and player counts... We hope that Rogue Company has a similar lifespan! :)


Originally posted by ACIDFACE96

will you be implementing party chat. Between crossplay?

Thanks for the question! We do currently support crossplay voice chat for matches and parties. Crossplay text chat support will come when we support mouse and keyboard on console at a later date.


Originally posted by Codex4

Any plans for more than 4 player game modes?

Going larger than 4v4 is something we're looking into for the future. No set plans yet, but we want to experiment with different game modes types (many as LTMs). We think 4v4 is a sweet spot for the feel we were going for in the core game.


Originally posted by SuperDiamond03

Are updated motion controls planned for the Phase 1 update, or in a separate update/hotfix?

Gyro is being completely revamped in our next release! We've been working really hard on improving the overall feel of Motion Controls and unfortunately it missed the Closed Beta patch.