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23 Jul


Great find! Our level designers will work to get this one taken care of.


Originally posted by CopystrikeVegan

Please let us know when you've found a fix I'm dying to try the rogues

Will do! We're hoping to have something soon


Hey everyone while I made a larger statement in a specific thread, we do appreciate you guys taking the time to voice your concern and your patience. We are just as anxious as you guys are to jump into matches and I assure you we get just as frustrated when we can't.

Stick with us as we continue to improve things during the Beta!


Rogues, we wanted to drop a note in here to let you know we've seen and are addressing concerns some of you have raised regarding match disconnections, issues with parties, and other social features.

Unfortunately we have some things which aren't working as we expected when we got to a heavier server load. We are implementing a few changes Thursday morning we believe may improve this. Rogue Company is using a brand new backend infrastructure so we are working out various issues as we move through Closed Beta.

Again we really appreciate your patience and hope you are enjoying the game.

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Originally posted by Happy_Blomus

So I have been playing the game since yesterday on Playstation and PC. I am for one THRILLED that there is cross save! Every game should have this IMO. I like the feel of the game and the speed.

Both modes are awesome, Strikeout is nice to "relax" after some sweaty Demolition. What I did experience are: Queue times are extremely long on Playstation and I am getting backed out of games at random moments without it being my connection. other teammates drop out at random moments as well and we lose all exp that we got during that game or we queue up and just get send back to the lobby all of a sudden without any visual marker of why this happened.

1 Function I would love to see being added is the ability to rejoin when due to server /connection error someone get disconnected.

Guns and abilities already seem quite well balanced, something that honestly surprises me since most beta's I have played, gun balance is the biggest issue so hats off for that!


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Hey there! We're actually working on some technical issues that are impacting players ability to rejoin. We 100% have that functionality and it should improve in the near future.

22 Jul


Originally posted by Accentrick

Totally for deserter penalties, but not if it’s going to f**k people over for crashes/poor matchmaking. I agree it’s annoying to deal with a 3v4 for 10-15 minutes. Buts it’s also even worse to get a 30 minute+ ban because of factors out of your control. Basically I want them to crack down but make sure they do it properly, we don’t need people getting banned during a beta because their game crashes randomly. That’s on the devs.

Appreciate you bringing this up. The team feels the Deserter penalty is a very important feature and is working to ensure it gets released as soon as possible. In terms of differentiating between someone intentionally disconnecting and crashing, the system will have thresholds it allows for players to rejoin after dropping. This should ensure no unjust penalties are handed out.


Originally posted by MrClutchJR97

I ended up correcting this in a very strange way. I purchased the game for both PC and PS4. My main platform is pc, but that is where i was receiving the issue from the in game store in which I upgraded. When I link my account to my ps4 account, I signed in on ps4 and my purchases popped up for me to claim, I claimed them on ps4 and now I received my characters and coins. But I assume not everyone will have the game on multiple platforms to perform these actions.

Thank you for this info! I've passed it along, it may help us figure out a fix for it.


Originally posted by jackrabbit_31

Im playing on ps4.

Hey there! There is a known issue with PS4 purchases very rarely but if you could restart your client a few times and let us know if you receive it.


Originally posted by Dan_The_DM

Glad to see it's not just my end. I having been waiting for a match to join for ages.

Folks our team really appreciates all your patience. We have been addressing some technical issues related to frankly a large number of you jumping in. It's an exciting and good problem to have but a problem nonetheless and our engineers are working tirelessly to ensure your games aren't being impacted.

We believe things are resolved now but if you do see continued issues please post them.


Really glad you are enjoying it! Please do continue to provide us your thoughts as you play through more of it.


Thanks for the question! Be sure you've followed this process:


Hey All! So you purchased a lower founder's pack and then after, you purchased the Ultimate pack, correct? I'll start an internal discussion within the team to see if we can figure this out.

Some additional questions: Which platform are you using? Are you purchasing the items through the in-game store or through the platform store (Xbox/Sony/Nintendo Stores)


Originally posted by StainAkaguro

I personally feel like it should have been free to play closed beta but hopefully when it does go free to play it pops off

We've actually distributed metric craptons (yes it's a real measurement but don't look it up) of keys this week in addition to doing Twitch drops. Folks who have purchased Founder's Packs are in the large minority.

We're operating this like a closed Beta and sending folks keys.


Originally posted by BBQ-Beef-Boi

Has there been any thought of putting queuing players in a match to fill out the deserter spots (ala CoD). Obviously the game mechanics are very different but maybe a prompt before they join asking if they would like to join a match in progress for double xp/rep and no loss penalty or something?

Even being on the opposing side, playing 4 v 1 strikeout when the entire other team quit in the first round was miserable.

I don't know if this is currently in the plans, I'll pass it along to the team!


Originally posted by Tokitueth

Regarding the Switch version, I was kicked from a game when I accidently hit the Home button.

I'm loving Rogue Company thank you so much!!!!

This is currently an issue that we hope to get fixed soon. It's on our list!


Originally posted by NoObzBoi-YOUTUBE

Before you make a deserters penalty. Can you fix the crashes on switch. The crashes usually happens once the plane’s door opens.

We have different folks who work on crashes versus implementation of the new penalty. Could you create a new thread? I'd love to hear more about what you are experiencing.


Originally posted by JeffBuffalo1

PS4 stream? Whats the deal with this?

We rolled out a hotfix just now that allows you to stream on PS4. Enjoy!


Originally posted by Seany_Mallie17

Honestly, I'd probably say leave it as it is. The only thing they need to add to this game is obviously punishment for leaving games early. And something to log into for, besides fun gameplay I.e. weekly updates, battle pass, challenges for certain characters, a fully fledged deep and expansive leveling system..

If you haven't seen the Roadmap you can see this will be coming pretty soon:

In terms of bleedout the team is currently discussing a change to making that longer for Strikeout.

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