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A "patch" from July 13th stated:

‘Destroy’ and ‘Assault’ Strength skills now use their correct animations while following up the ‘Greater Barge’ Attack skill.

First of all, the animation for assault wasn't even changed. But secondly, and most importantly, the animation for a bled destroy was changed - and this resulted in the first hit of a bled destroy hitting a tick later than normal.

Old: https://youtu.be/jvVaTUFpTws?t=20 (Notice how there are 2 hits on the TC tick - one from hammer, one from destroy).

New: https://youtu.be/q2NNoDxFEW4?t=18 (Notice how there is only a hit from hammer on the TC tick).

I used this as an example, as purple bomb p3 is where this is most significant.

I posted this to reddit initially, and was met with a quick JMod response, in which Mod Iago stated:

I'll chase up the delayed hit, that's definitely unintentional.

Then for over a month, there was no word on it, so I asked Jagex about it during a livestream. Their Response:

Mod JD: There's a lot of chat around the destroy option, about fixing that. I'm not 100% sure about what that's entailing but Mod Hooli, might be worth sort of doing a little bit of a dive-in on that after the livestream.

Mod Hooli: Yep, we will do.

I attempted to get a hold of Mod Hooli to help out with that "dive-in" on the destroy "option" by tweeting at him, but I never got a response there.

Eventually, I came back to reddit and posted that clip twitch, to which Mod Poerkie responded:

Just got a message that members of the combat council are looking into this and like to fix the delay.

This was nearly a month ago at this point, and there has been no further update about the progress on this seemingly simple fix.

The original update itself was even met with disdain, as it just further homogenized animations, making it increasingly harder to see which ability someone used. It's easy to tell when someone uses barge, and it's also easy to see when they use a channeled threshold within the next 10 ticks of barging. It is not, however, easy to tell which ability someone has bled. This was difficult before the update, as only destroy had its own animation when bled, but now that they all just have the same animation as slaughter, it's even harder to tell.

TL;DR: The destroy ability, when bled by mutated barge, now applies the first hit a tick late. It has been this way for months and commented on by JMods multiple times, yet still has seen no fix.

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4 months ago - /u/JagexRamen - Direct link

I've fixed this and am awaiting QA on it. The animation that plays in the live game is correct but the hitting a tick later was not an intended side-effect.

The fix will be keeping the animation to telegraph its a bleed, but the first hit will now come at the correct time.

3 days ago - /u/JagexRamen - Direct link

Originally posted by XTL_

It has been a few months, do you have an update on this?

It's still sitting in awaiting QA, there is nothing more I can do besides poke people

Originally posted by XTL_

Could you poke people? I would really appreciate it!

Consider Mod Iago poked! (We've just finished testing it and pushing it through)