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I got really excited when I got the drop of the pet edimmu after ~14,000 kills. I use it a lot while skilling. I'm curious as to why it cannot override familiars though. It's brother from another mother the baby soulgazer can do that. Both show kc on examine. Both are slayer drops.

Is this a requestable fix? It would be a great choice as a combat familiar override as it is small and not distracting. It is 'kind of' in sync with necro (and I use that term loosely) as it is an undead pet. If the jmods are reading these please let me know if its a possible update. Thank you and I hope it makes it through!

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Good 'noon, is this on the community hit list during next updates u/jagexdoom ?

It is not on the Community Hitlist but we can certainly raise it as a suggestion!