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I think my devices are supported but everytime, after something like 10 minutes, the game crash. It’s a game’s problem? I didn’t find anything related

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I would like to ask a few questions to try narrow this down:

1, What world are you on?
2, What are your graphics settings?
3, What are you currently doing?
4, Do you have many apps in the background?
5, Are you on cellular data or wifi?
6, Are you opening and closing the app?
7, Is the app actually crashing or reloading/ if you swipe up is the app still there?
8, Is there anything specific you are doing to cause this?


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about 1 month ago - /u/JagexDolan - Direct link

Originally posted by Camnrd

I have the same issue and have to restart iPad to reload or it crashes out every time. Feels to be memory related. Some things, especially lummy w84, kill it instantly. Minimising graphics reduces the frequency, but it still happens. This is all on WiFi.

Amazing, you're a star, I have managed to reproduce the issue!