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It's something I'm still working on with the team, it's not been forgotten or overlooked. Continuing to push the topic and explore our options, and I'm still very keen to get insight and guidance from the Ironman community on proposals when we're ready.

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Originally posted by TR1987

Was Mod Camel not talking to iron communities on Discord recently about this? What came of the insights gleaned?

Yup, Camel was indeed checking in and ran a few very informal polls just to get an insight into where the IM community (in that particular space) landed on the issues he presented. The answer I got from looking at those responses was "We need to ask broadly." The answers were surprising to me personally, and so I want us to get a clearer, more cohesive understanding of the Ironman community's stance so we know, looking ahead, where we stand on topics like the ones Camel put forward.

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Originally posted by HighWolverine

Ironmen restrictions seem so inconsistent and arbitrary. It would benefit a lot to the game mode and the community if the players were polled regularly regarding these.

It's very interesting hearing different Ironman players describing what they believe the mode to be. I personally interpreted it to be a "no handouts, no help, you are alone" style of mode where you get nothing. No daily mission rewards, no buffs from things like Golden Cape Hunt, no trading and GE. But some players feel differently, and there's been inconsistencies with what IM players can or can't access in the past so a clear distinction would be excellent so that we can start to be able to say "Ironmen should not be able to have X or access Y".

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There are people that take the iron status a lot more hardcore than others and tend to be more of an ‘elitist’. I personally enjoy the iron because it’s self sufficient, you can’t trade with others and have to rely on yourself to find out methods in the game to accomplish your goals. In my opinion, Daily challenges were a part of the game. There wasn’t any way to spend more money to get xp or boosts and it gave direction every day to jump in and start doing tasks, such as a farming daily would be a reminder to do farm runs. I’ve seen several times where the “iron community” is polled but I’m unsure where the poll is happening… discord? Reddit? The website it self? In game? We need consistency when polling a community about a feature that affects a giant group. Don’t let the loudest few determine the fate of the many.

If we were to do a poll I'd like it to be in-game, with only Ironman accounts eligible to vote in it.

From a lot of the conversations I've seen, I personally wouldn't mind Ironmen getting Bonus XP rather than flat XP from Daily Challenges/Missions as I feel like that then continues to encourage the active skilling aspect that Ironmen are acclimated to. Not sure on that one, though, would be something to discuss with the more design-oriented JMods, this is just my thinking.

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Please please please don't kill the integrity and spirit of ironman mode by giving us daily lamps and stars. We have methods for obtaining free xp that are appropriately challenging. Giving ironman players free daily xp will ruin the progression. Might as well mainscape.

See, this is why I want to get a poll on this because I see feedback like this, and it's sincere, passionate and vehemently against getting daily lamps, but IM players used to get the equivalent of a large prismatic lamp every day in 3 skills from Challenges.

Some people have, and will, say "We had those before so we should have it again!" but this is an opportunity to stop, and check with the IM community, before we actually make that commitment rather than repeating the same decision twice, which may not be the one that most players want.