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Blink/apparition? Teleports you to the target destination (5-6 tile range) would be handy for avoiding some mechanics without being too OP. Would also be cool for running around places and hopping over rivers/through walls. Problem would be if there were tiles that players could teleport too like varrock bank vault for the juicy loot… You’d need to make too many tiles exceptions to the rule that walls don’t matter… still a fun concept that u/JagexDoom should pitch to the team to help him with his goals!

Hey, I hadn't really thought about it since I have Surge on every single bar I run, but this is a good suggestion! Thanks!

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Originally posted by BradlePhotos

Hey Doom - you should have surge on one bar only to save a slot, something like a defensive / prayer bar, then you don't waste an ability slot for the same thing :)

True, I do have a prayer and defensive bar that has a spot free on it, might just have to put surge on that one... good idea!

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