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Context: I started playing Runescape back in 2006. Back then, I was young, and the concept of spending 40 hours doing ANYTHING was absolutely absurd to me.

People would tell me that you could get 99 X/Y/Z in 40-50 hours and I was like "I'd never do that".

I just returned to WoW recently, and I just achieved 99 Woodcutting and I was thrilled. I threw a drop party and dropped some expensive items, and while I was recruiting for my drop party people were telling me I was a noob, that 99 woodcutting wasn't impressive and was easy, etc etc.

So my question is: are 99's nothing special anymore? Or are they only impressive in certain contexts? Would it have been more impressive is I was combat level 3, or if I was a HCIM/IM?

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19 days ago - /u/Shogun-san - Direct link

Every goal is impressive in itself, you should be happy about achieving a goal you've had and celebrate it with your friends!
99 parties back in the days were one of the fun social activities you could have, we should bring them back!