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I know it's not the best time to post since almost everything is about Hero Pass. However, I just realized that we have no had a Runefest in FOUR years. It's crazy to think how long ago 2019 was. It really feels like yesterday.

The last time we had a Runefest:

  • Anachronia was barely newborn. Now it is a Kindergarten-aged kid (in some countries).
  • Farming and Herblore were still 99. Also, Anachronia part 2 wasn't born yet.
  • Archaeology was not even released. It was revealed in Runefest.
  • The pandemic wasn't even a thing (not RS related but made a huge impact on our lives).
  • Bank rework was barely out of the womb. It entered the world a few days before RF.
  • We still used the traditional DXPW format (3 days non-stop). The last DXP of 2019 started a new 10 day format.
  • The first Yak Track wasn't even released. It debuted a month after Runefest. 14 total Yak Track events have been made in total.
  • The RS3 playerbase was below 20k at a measly 17k.
  • War's Retreat (PVM Hub) didn't exist. It was born a month into the new decade.
  • Bond prices were ~22-23M. Now they're sitting 3x the price!
  • Jagex was still being owned by a Mining Company. It was sold in April 2020.

Yep. Time flies.

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Mod Pips mentioned this during the OSRS 10th Anniversary Stream back in February this year that team leads are looking into the possibility of bringing it back in 2024, but that's all we know - I know as much as you do!

I'd love to be able to attend one - Watching the video from 2019's RuneFest made it seem like such an awesome experience, so I would love to be able to be part of something like that!

Hard to believe that War's Retreat didn't exist. I wonder how many collective hours have been spent there across all RuneScape players in the years since?

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