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Seems fair now thats its been in QA for 2 months, that i bring this back up. Can Skyboxes please stop changing mid fight/while teleporting/while logging etc. I have the game set to mid day so i am better able to see things when it goes dark. When something gets reset it becomes much harder to see certain areas, i dont have the best eyesight and it can really ruin it if you are mid kill etc.

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Just to give an update on this. I went to pick up this job last week and there were various issues that prevented testing. I'll be looking to pick this up again ASAP although since it's a side project it will have to be completed around other commitments. Just to clarify - This fix will not prevent skyboxes from changing entirely. It will just mean they return to a previously selected custom skybox once you leave an area. For example:

  • If a boss uses a special attack that changes the skybox, the skybox should then reset to your chosen skybox rather than the default one.
  • If you enter an area that changes your skybox - eg POF - then your skybox will return to your previously selected one upon leaving the area.