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I starting to think this ability is usless because everytime i use it, either my hammer spec failed, or spec, even though during the 6 seconds of this active ability.

is this a bug or is anyone else having an issue? it's ironic to be splashing or miss on a ability that you meant to be be able to hit?

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24 days ago - /u/JagexCel - Direct link

I mean, this shouldn't happen - this is the first I've heard of it! I can have a look on our end, if you have any more details on when this started happening, or specific places it happens I would be grateful. If anyone else encounters this too it would be useful to know!

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Originally posted by Rhysy4056

I've had where aftershock and cracking hits have stolen it at aod

This is what I'd expect to be occuring, where a proc effect or other damage has caused it to trigger the IoH effect. Still worth entertaining the idea that it may have broke