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Hi everyone,

It seems after some network issues last night that i am not able to log in anymore on the rs website nor the jagex launcher/Rs mobile. it keeps giving me a prompt that the account is locked, but i can still play via the Rs game client. Did a recovery and resetted my passwords but it still doesnt work. Anybody that can help? Clearly a bug with the launcher/website.

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Hi, If you copy the error message you see (and remove any potentially personal information) I can help you out here. If you can log into the game, you can log into the website so there might just be some confusion around what error you're actually getting.

Edit: We've identified the issue with /u/YesoPro's help, and have some work to resolve this in discussion internally. Little bit of confusion on both sides which we hope to have resolved within the week to prevent it happening again. YesoPro can however log in as expected now.