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Hey all,

We've been made aware that some players are experiencing crashes, often involving flickering models/textures and/or opening interfaces, following today's update.

We're currently looking at the cause of the crashes as a priority and we'll keep you updated with any news as we have it.If you're experiencing these crashes, we would appreciate it if you could share what type of graphics card you are using to help our investigations.

Thanks for your help and patience while we get this sorted.

keep an eye out on this thread for future updates (newest first):

Latest Update 14:22 Game Time (07/12/2020)

We've pushed the next engine which should hopefully address the last remaining issues that some of you were experiencing since the update on the 23rd of November. The patch notes for the engine build can be found here:

  • Fixed an issue where colour effects, such as those during the Kalphite King fight, would not apply correctly when the "Entity Highlights" option was enabled.
  • Disabled threaded rendering- fixes pink/red artifacts covering screen and flickering objects in-game.
  • Fixed disappearing objects in-game on Intel GPUs when graphics were set to Min with textures on.
  • Fixed various issues with threaded rendering on AMD and Nvidia GPUs.
  • Improved performance on AMD cards with drivers released in 2019 or older.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing Crashes, Graphical UI issues and or significant performance drops that were caused with the update on the 23rd of November, similarly we would love to hear if the issues are resolved for you. Thank you for your patience and if the problems seem resolved we'll close this update thread.

Update 16:04 Game Time (04/12/2020)

We have received some unfortunate news from the dev team and we are no longer looking for a release of these changes today, sadly. Everything suggest it will be a monday, probably morning. Once it's confirmed we'll let you know as always.

The weekend is coming up which means the next update will be on Monday.

Update 16:32 Game Time (02/12/2020)

We hit a small roadblock and had to move the intended changes back to development. We're making some adjustments to it and hope to bring them to all of you by the end of the week, although that will be a very tight schedule.

Update 9:42 Game Time (01/12/2020)

We're currently testing a build that should resolve more crashes and a lot of the UI Graphical issues that many of you are experiencing, If everything goes well we can see this in the second half of the week. At this point it is still unknown whether this will also have a positive effect on the performance issues. Once we know more, we'll share it.

update 12:15 Game Time (30/11/2020)

There is no new information yet, and the investigations and work is ongoing, thank you for your patience so far.

Update 12:15 Game Time (27/11/2020)

We will continue the work that has been started the past couple of days. We're currently not certain as and when we could expect the next changes to come in, alleviating more of the issues you all are experiencing since monday's game-update.

With the weekend coming up, things will move slower and as a result you can expect the next update to be on Monday.

Update 16:02 Game Time (26/11/2020)

Since the warm fix we've put out earlier we've seen a significant reduction of crashes, UI rendering issues and significant performance drops, but we are not there yet. The majority of Issues on Intel GPU's seem to be resolved as well as the performance issues on AMD GPU's.

There are some crashes remaining on AMD GPU's and we have taken steps to further investigate this. One of the things we're doing is adding PC's with this specific type of GPU to our so called testing lab.

We'll continue working on resolving the issues caused by Monday's game-update and are grateful for the information you all continue to share with us to help with our investigations.

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Originally posted by DPSOnly

I've been sitting here since the update, waiting for Stroopwafel enthousiast Mod Poerkie to come to the rescue and here he is.

Praise Guthix.

Stroopwafels are my Fuel and my power

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Crash fix coming tomorrow, in the mean time you can workaround with a few techniques (the more the better):

  • Disable depth of field
  • Disable ambient occlusion
  • Disable bloom
  • Disable shadows
  • Disable anti-aliasing
  • Set water detail to low
  • Hide any 3d UI elements (character inspection, treasure hunter chest, etc)

The things that will generally push it over the edge are either teleporting or rendering inventory icons, but can't exactly say don't do those things :)

I must stress that these are temporary workarounds, they will not be necessary after the update tomorrow, and ONLY apply to crashes, they will not fix corrupt graphics, slowdowns, etc

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Originally posted by cara_do_rock

Today we had an update that added multi-threaded rendering system. It pushed OpenGL drivers to its limits, according to what Mod Dark said. And as AMD support for OpenGL is not that good, we are suffering from today's update now.

When we get to the bottom of the driver issue hopefully there will be a net gain in performance (compared to before today's update) for AMD users as intended

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Originally posted by Npjschouten

You're a fellow Dutchie?

Maybe :D

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Originally posted by yiany

Like many others I cannot login to even try the temp’ fixes. In my case the client freezes at “Pre-loading world … 24%” – so a long way off from being able to change any settings, in fact I even have to use Task Manager to force close the hung client process – since the update at 11:00 today.

Compensation is a nice idea, considering all that I’m missing out on and loosing for the day such as all my spins, the PoP ship journeys etc. Having been a gold/vip member for a while, it is rather painful to be obliged to accommodate the losses cause not by myself, but all far to commonplace, as if it is the norm. For instance, during the previous DXP (not the one we just had), I was again unable to play due to the infamous “too many login attempts” – a well-known, established but still unresolved issue.

In my own experience, when we had a live problem – which was obviously caused by an update, we would roll-back as it adversely affected up to 50,000 live subscribers. It was policy, and the right thing to do, especially as the 50,000 included emergency services and other significant customers. We would try again, when the new software had been fully, very fully tested, but then, we cared about our customers. Because of the high quality of our software & hardware, such issues were very rare and of course we worked on an availability of 99.999% which was challenging, but was what our customers rightly expected. I’m sure none of us mind the odd hiccup, but when it goes on for so long and actually prevents access for the day, the in-game losses, and not to mention the personal grief, where some of us plan our game time – now wasted. Quite honestly, I find the Jagex attitude to its members at times like this, appalling. I assume the problems ultimately, result from decisions made at board level such as funding/staffing for support, testing and such, and not really therefore the fault of those that actually do the work. I mention this, so that should anyone from Jagex read this, then you will understand, that I understand where the real problems lay e.g. the old chestnut of revenue Vs. cost.

You should be able to access the settings menu from the lobby. I hope this helps you atleast get in-game. once more sorry for the incovenience.

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Originally posted by WasteGiraffe

Still getting those lovely 10 fps on AMD. Best thing is that they improved performance where it really did not matter (150-300 fps) on high end Nvidia cards and crashed almost everything else.

We've got a fix coming soon for AMD GCN and possibly RDNA that will unlock the intended effects of threaded rendering (up to 2x fps)

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Originally posted by Djlammers

Update for me :

After following instructions above with turning off settings .. it didnt work for me. Still crashing and crazy textures ingame and within the interface. This is when i run the client in auto mode or normal mode. When i disable all settings as above , in compatibility mode it works , sometimes frame drops . But it works for now. GTX 2080 msi and HD 630 intel. Did test with and without graphics card. But still the same since this problem started at monday.

You should not be getting these issues on nvidia, only intel. Do you still get issues if the Intel card is fully disabled (in bios or windows) and your monitors are plugged directly into the nvidia card

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Originally posted by Djlammers

It runs better yeah . But still more frame drops than usual (after disabling my intel HD and only having my GTX run). Intel i confirm only playable at compatibility mode with all settings as above turned off. But still significantly frame drops. Intel isnt playable at all in normal mode crashing every 10 secs.

Could you PM me your ingame name please to check on these crashes, it would be useful to tally a certain type of crash to this combined nvidia+intel configuration

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Originally posted by Hannah_MtF

well youve fixed the login screen havinga heart attack, but things still just dont render at certain angles

We have only observed this on minimum settings, if you turn your settings up slightly it should be resolved (any of: shadows on, water detail to medium, SSAO on, etc.)

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Originally posted by Ofhoeofwat

My laptop still crashes completely when running rs for 4mins. And this wasnt before. Amd radeon r7 m260

Can you describe the crashes? Does your laptop reboot? Blue screen?

Best bet is to update your graphics drivers

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Originally posted by Hellobenchod

Still stuck at 10fps, my machine unfortunately is fairly old and uses Intel 3000 the exact one mentioned in the patch notes, but I was able to play with 40-50 fps until mondays update :/

Intel HD 3000 is not supported by threaded rendering, so not much changed for it in monday's update. Try changing to compatibility mode or vice-versa and updating your graphics drivers

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Originally posted by Hellobenchod

Thanks for response. My drivers are as up to date as possible. I've been switching to compatibility since mondays update just to be able to move my character around, its woeful though, consistently drops to 1fps for about 3 seconds, every 10 seconds or so. Forgive me I'm not very computer literate, but I appear to have two display adapters showing up in my device manager, AMD Radeon 7400m, and Intel HD graphics 3000. They are intergrated into my laptop/toaster, whatever that means. For clarification, I've been playing on 'Normal mode' and getting 40-50fps until mondays update, now It's 5-15fps, unless I switch to compatibility mode, where it drops from 40 to 1 as mentioned earlier making the game unplayable. Hope some of this information helps.

It's probably using the 7400m then, however that is also not supported by threaded rendering, so equally confusing how you have been badly affected. I'll give things another look on a similar AMD card

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Originally posted by Ofhoeofwat

gpu spikes at 100% and i hear the van as soon as i log in to rs 1 min after laptop just shuts down and have to boot up and select boot in normal mode. And i tried min settings , reinstalling game, reinstalling drivers all sort of versions. Im really at the end of my wisdom.

This sounds like some sort of overheating or hardware issue. Threaded rendering, when working correctly, will raise FPS and GPU usage. You can reduce it by reducing foreground FPS in graphics settings and/or enabling vsync

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Originally posted by socorum

Still some bugs, disappearing graphics. Intel UHD Graphics 620. When shadows are turned off player and npc's dissapear partly

We are looking into this issue of disappearing objects on Intel cards

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Originally posted by Make_A_Movment

Is there anyone out there seeing any of the intended performance benefits from this update? If so, what are your specs? I'm on a ryzen 3700x / Radeon 6800 using Steam and it crashed on me once but it's playable. FPS ranges from 14 to ~60.

It's working well on a RX 5700 XT in our testing (threaded rendering takes it from 55 to 85 fps on max settings) so we don't think there is any universal issue with AMD RDNA cards. We're continuing to try and figure out why some people are not seeing the benefits

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Originally posted by poococtail

im running a 2700x and red devil 5700xt in compatibility mode and it runs fine only after about 5 seconds of loading in a new area. The initial spawn into any area, even if previously loaded, im met with extreme fps lag. on medium settings im getting about 70fps full screen, and 140fps at lower resolution than 1440p

Why are you using compatibility mode? The lag when loading is typical of compatibility mode - it generally runs worse than normal mode

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Originally posted by Nattyfrank

Just got a new cpu and did a fresh install. The game will not load unless I unplug one or two of my HDMI and/or DisplayPort cables. (3 monitors).

Really annoying that I bought premier and can't use premier...

Are your monitors all plugged into the same GPU? If not, this is a known driver bug. If so, does it work if you disable any other GPUs you may have (such as onboard GPU if you are using a discrete GPU)?

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Originally posted by IcyGlacies

GTX 560 Ti
-Noticed fps drops after last week's update, especially when teleporting
-After the warmfix, started crashing ~ once a day
-1st Dec crashed 6 times in a couple of hours
-2nd Dec currently crashing every minute or so
It is literally unplayable, I can move for maybe 40 seconds after I log in before I crash. This is just stupid and incredibly frustrating

Also seeing unusually low performance on a 560ti, looking into it

No crashes though, so hopefully the upcoming fixes will resolve them for you

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Originally posted by IcyGlacies

Thank you. Really hope so as well.
Also most of the crashes seem to happen when I'm teleporting/moving. As long as I stay in an instanced area and don't move too much, it seems to be fine.

Good to know, i'll keep looking out for crashes, have put a fix for the low performance on 560ti (and other old nvidia cards/drivers) into the next update

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Originally posted by GoogleSaysRS

Performance is worse since today's update, areas where I reached over 100fps (such as the archaeology guild) after the threaded rendering release now barely reach 60 fps. Also looks like the game only uses one core over the others again. I5 7500 GTX 1080

We decided to disable threaded rendering for all users until we can fix the remaining issues. It's good to hear it was working well for you