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0s hello audio hello video
3s hello
4s people watching this video so glad you
6s joined us watch me screw this up
11s hi everyone it's me snoot i'm a
13s community manager at coffee stain
14s studios and today we're going to be
16s talking all about the spire coast the
19s new biome we're adding to satisfactory
21s so last week we showcased the new biome
23s in a teaser trailer if you haven't
25s already seen that you can check it up in
26s the cards here
28s and watch it uh don't worry i'll wait
40s if it isn't obvious in that video
42s there's a significant change coming to
44s that region of the map
45s uh at the launch of update five we
47s released this road map of the upcoming
50s changes that we're making to massage 2ab
52s cd bddb i can never remember the name of
55s the planet uh
57s we released a road map with the upcoming
59s changes to the world map moving forward
60s to the release of 1.0 with the biggest
62s change being the spire coast if you have
64s any factories located in this part of
66s the map i really recommend moving them
69s out of there or
70s i mean you could just leave them there i
72s don't know i'm not your mom why should i
73s care but not only is this a big
75s environmental change we've also moved
77s the existing nodes that are located in
78s that region and it's possible that if
81s you load up a save file after the update
83s your production lines might still
84s function despite that but the major
87s problem that i see is that the
88s environment will probably have changed
90s so much that you might not be able to
91s access your factory buildings as they're
93s probably going to be clipping into the
94s environment so while your factory might
97s still be up and running
98s after update 6 you might not be able to
101s adjust them or maintain your production
103s lines there are a couple of external
104s tools that are made and maintained by
106s the community that you can use to move
108s your factory if you don't want to
109s dismantle them so if you have a big
111s factory
112s that you don't want to delete there's
113s always that option i'll leave a couple
115s of links in the description below for
117s that even though we're making big
118s changes to the spire coast in this
120s update it won't be completely finished
123s most of the environmental changes will
125s be made in time for update six we also
127s plan to improve some of the gameplay
128s elements in future updates specifically
131s we want to add more resource nodes to
133s that area the spire coast currently only
135s hosts oil nodes but we want to include a
137s more diverse set of different nodes in
139s there so you can better set up shop in
141s that region but we won't be able to see
143s that in update 6 so that will come later
146s down the line there also won't be any
147s power slugs coming in that region yet
149s however uh what you can expect to see
152s are a couple of crash sites i know a lot
154s of people have requested ways to manage
156s their crash sites once you've looted
157s them and we have plans to sort of
159s improve on that but we're not sure if
161s that will make it in for this update or
162s not so yeah essentially the bio won't be
164s completely finished in update six but we
166s intend to do as much as we can and then
168s keep improving on it in future patches
171s however i thought we'd take a look at
173s the state of things as they are today
175s and bring you all along
177s but uh bear in mind that some things are
179s more finished than others because yeah
181s this biome is still a work in progress
183s the most predominant area in the spire
185s coast is the open section of shallow
187s water apart from the coral reef section
189s of the spire coast most of the water
191s volumes here aren't too deep so the
193s player will be able to walk through all
195s of these areas no problem and be able to
197s build factories here
198s all gucci all right
200s we intend to add more coral reefs to the
202s outer edges of the biome and some of the
204s cliffs are missing some decorations
206s right now so they might look a bit bare
207s we're still working on the lighting in
209s this region and i haven't quite settled
210s on the color scheme yet so the
212s atmosphere of spire coast might change
214s in the future i do want to point out
216s that the waterfalls you saw in the
217s trailer are all placeholders and we do
219s intend to change those to the new
221s waterfalls we've showcased in a previous
223s devlog at some point during development
225s and there might also be like a floating
227s rock here and there in the biome but
229s that's not something we're already
230s accustomed to am i right
232s am i right okay
234s dying inside speaking of waterfalls by
236s the way i thought it was a bit funny
237s that some people commented on the fact
238s that the waterfalls don't seem realistic
240s which
241s i mean sure that's not wrong i can't
243s really hold it against people feeling
245s that way i just find it funny that
247s that's where we draw the line of the
248s game being unrealistic right you know
250s having buildings appearing out of thin
252s air from parts that shoot out of your
254s body being constructed by a tv remote
256s you know that's acceptable but faucet
258s waterfalls that's right out on the
260s borders between the spire coast and the
261s dune desert we have this section of
263s interesting pillar pieces a challenge
265s that we always sort of face when making
267s a diverse set of biomes is how to
269s transition between the different biomes
271s so this area kind of mixes assets from
274s both dune desert and the spire coast and
276s sort of blends them together there's
277s still more work to be done to the cliff
279s sides as well between the biomes and
281s we're hoping to get the major changes in
283s and that includes that empty section on
285s top of the cliffs fixed in the dune
287s desert this area has always been subject
288s to change and we're hoping to improve
290s this part as much as possible but it's
292s unlikely that we'll it will be
294s completely finished by update six and
296s again it is not advisable to build up
298s here alright but who am i to tell you
300s what you can and cannot do
303s follow your heart in the portion between
304s the coral valley and the spire coast
306s we've removed a large chunk of the
308s mountain here and replace it with this
309s quite lush cliff range on this side you
312s also have this cool arch thingy and up
314s here you can get a really good look at
315s the biome and look
317s everything the light touches is your
319s kingdom okay you can build whatever you
321s want here but what about that shadowy
323s place down there the great canyon
326s so stupid i know a lot of people weren't
328s expecting us to make changes to the
330s great canyon and that the great canyon
332s was rather part of the northern forest
333s but the truth is that we include the
335s great canyon as being part of the spire
337s coast region and there are changes
339s coming here the canyon is a great place
341s to create paths for trucks and trains to
343s travel between the dune desert and the
344s rocket desert so we wanted to improve
346s this spot by giving it a bit more room
348s for logistics this area is far from
350s finished though so it might be too early
352s to say but if you have logistic lines
354s already set up here it's possible you
356s won't be affected too much however we
359s still haven't finished the desert
360s canyons so this area might also change
363s quite a bit in the future because and i
365s quote hannah on this that area is butt
368s ugly at the moment so there's that
371s so that's the state of things with the
372s spire coast i hope you're excited for
374s this change and i hope you've got your
375s solid biofuel all stacked up because the
378s chainsaw's gonna have to work overtime
380s for this update so yeah that's gonna be
381s it for me i hope uh you found this
383s information useful i hope you've ordered
385s a moving company for your current
386s factory inspired coast because you know
389s it's a busy season so don't dilly dally
391s chop chop anyways
392s take care everybody until next time
395s peace