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5s hey hello hi my name is snoot and if you
8s haven't heard the news update 6 is now
10s available on the experimental branch of
13s the game so yay yes uh good times we'll
16s be had by all so if you want to check
18s out update 6 and and you're curious
20s about what's in it what's what's
22s what are the cool things that we're
23s mating um please note that the
25s experimental branch of the game is our
27s like
28s testing branch not testing branch really
29s because it is public but experiment our
31s experimental branch is our branch where
33s we put the experimental builds of the
34s game and before we push it into early
36s access version and it's something you
38s have to opt into so it's not part of the
40s the main branch of the game
42s um
43s be wary that this version of the game is
45s a bit more buggy you know we just
46s released it this week yeah be careful be
48s careful where you go so if you want to
51s get access to the experiment branch of
52s the game uh all you need to do is on
55s steam you right click the game you hit
56s properties you go to the betas tab and
59s then there's a drop down list you can
60s opt into experimental click it there and
62s that will reinstall the game for you and
65s on the epics games launcher it should
67s just be its own game in the games list
69s so and that will install the game
71s along with the installation you have of
74s the regular game so good times good
76s times please note that if you are going
79s to opt in to experimental there's one
81s very important thing you need to do
82s before you do this and that is to
85s back up your damn save files
92s because of a couple reasons first of all
94s it's because of cloud sync cloud sync is
97s not to be 100 trusted
99s both on steam and epic i've talked to
101s many people that have just had like
103s cloud sync just completely either wipe
105s their their save directory or like
108s something else happening or some
110s confusing message popping up like hey do
112s you want to cloud sync and then people
113s accidentally overwrite
115s their save directory in many cases where
117s people reach out to me losing their save
118s files it's something related to cloud
120s sync and it's not something we can do
122s anything about all the save files that
124s you have are placed locally on your hard
126s drive so there's no way for us to access
127s them so you can't reach out to us
129s anything like that if you lose your save
130s file and it absolutely sucks for many
133s reasons like i've been in that situation
135s too where i've lost my save file for
136s other games and it just it's a it's a
138s horrible feeling so
140s please please make sure to up back up
141s your save files um actually kind of
144s regardless in one way if you have a huge
146s staple you have like 300 hours of
148s gameplay please make sure to back up
149s your save files please please please uh
151s for your own sake the other reason is
153s because of you cannot load any save
157s files that you've saved in experimental
159s in ea so if you do opt into experimental
162s you try it out and you're like ah it's
163s not for me you will not be able to load
165s that save file in your in the early
167s access branch you cannot load a save
169s file that is created in a newer version
170s of the game essentially you can load
172s save files made in older versions but
173s you can't load them in newer versions
175s essentially so that's the other reason
177s why it's really important to back up
178s your save files before you try out
179s experimental so the next hard pressing
181s question a lot of people have is like
182s okay so it's out on experimental when's
184s update seven no
185s well people ask that too because they're
186s but that's not what i actually
188s wanted to say uh no but the people ask
191s like when it's gonna be out on ea and
193s the the answer to that question is we
195s have no idea well we have some idea but
198s it we actually don't know because
201s up for a couple of reasons update six is
204s first and foremost not feature complete
206s so there's still a couple of things that
208s we want to work on for update six and we
210s don't know exactly how long that will
211s take um you know we usually do a round
214s where
214s we do a bunch of patches and bug fixes
216s to the game and then okay we're in that
218s face period and then we move it over to
219s early access but this time around we
221s haven't finished everything with update
223s 6. essentially there's still a bunch of
224s stuff that we want to tweak and fix with
226s update 6 and we won't be able to do that
228s in a short amount of time this time
230s around
231s because
233s age what i just said is a feature
234s complete the other thing is that we have
237s vacation period coming up in sweden so
239s in sweden it's kind of common that
241s around july august uh like everybody
243s goes on vacation uh we have loss that
246s essentially means that you're entitled
248s to 25 days of annual leave in a complete
252s like what's the word like in one in one
254s go if you want to um but but but it's
257s not because of like the law that we're
259s saying like oh everyone has to go
260s vacation like we want like we want
262s people to go on vacation essentially
263s like i think people at coffee stain are
265s entitled to some vacation time
268s and it just so happens that that
270s vacation period is around july august we
273s originally we've like postponed updates
275s because of this if we can't release an
277s update ahead of vacation period then we
280s won't do it essentially but this time
282s around we felt like we kind of want to
284s get it out of the way because otherwise
285s we'll just keep stalling and then the
287s game will never be finished essentially
288s so so this time around we just said okay
290s whatever we'll release an experimental
292s we're gonna patch it uh and make it as
294s stable as we possibly can before we go
296s on vacation leave so like even on
298s experimental maybe it'll be good enough
300s but yeah just know if you want to play
301s on a stable version of episode 6 it
303s probably won't be until later uh for a
305s couple months before you can actually
308s see it on the early access branch of the
310s game unfortunately so what happens now
312s you may ask well person on the internet
315s watching this youtube video
317s i'm glad you asked because i'm about to
319s explain that to you so we are currently
321s working on fixing bugs and fixing issues
324s uh if you have played on the
326s experimental ranch you may or may not
328s know that it's there's a couple of bugs
330s in in the game right now and we kind of
332s knew that we when we were going into
334s this because we are kind of releasing
335s the update a bit earlier than we usually
337s do
338s when we're working on these things but
339s uh yeah we're working on bug fixes uh
341s our first and foremost priority is to
343s fix crashes that people are having um if
346s you are having issues with the game
348s where the game is crashing or anything
350s like that the only thing you really need
351s to do is to hit the like send crash
353s report button thingy and we will be
355s notified of like all the major crashes
357s are happening and then we go through
359s like prioritize like okay which one is
361s happening the most it's this one then
362s we'll fix that and go through those if
364s you're playing with mods please note
366s that
366s a lot of mods seem to cause crashes and
369s there's nothing we can do about that so
371s the only thing that you can
373s if you have mods installed is to like
375s try and uninstall the mods and see if
376s you're still getting the crash and if
378s you do get the crash then hit that
379s button and then we'll be notified
381s and uh check in with the mod creators if
384s they're aware of on any crash related
386s issues and see if they can fix it but
388s but yeah like if you're running into
389s crashes with
391s most and you have mods installed it's
393s probably because of mods honestly apart
395s from the crash issues uh that people are
397s running into we're also looking into
398s fixing the major bug issues that people
400s are running into uh i'm kind of hesitant
402s to like tell you what we're looking
404s working on right now because at the
405s point where this video is coming out we
406s probably
407s already have fixed a bunch of this stuff
409s so i'm not quite sure when this video
411s comes out
413s you know what's happened but uh we are
415s looking into a bunch of stuff uh i just
417s want to mention quickly that it appears
418s that dedicated servers seems to been the
421s ones that are taking the the biggest hit
423s in this update so when you're reporting
425s issues please very like specify if
428s you're running into any issues on
429s dedicated servers or if this is a single
431s player or multiplayer session or
432s whatever if you're playing a client or
433s host
434s yada yada et cetera like give us as much
436s information you can really when you're
438s bug reporting because
440s the more information you can give us the
442s faster we can fix them essentially so so
445s plea please be as detailed as possible
447s but i just yeah
448s quickly say that like if you're playing
450s on dedicated servers it appears that
451s they're
452s a little more buggy than the regular
454s version essentially so just be aware of
456s that and on the topic of bug reporting
458s right the very very best way to notify
461s us of any issues with the game is to go
463s to our qa site
465s and please let
467s us know there like this is the this is
469s the place you want to do this on right
471s please check if somebody's already
473s reported an issue that you encountered
474s and if if they have just hit that upvote
476s button
477s to let us know like how many people are
479s are running into this issue we read
482s almost every post that is posted there
483s we are not able to like respond to
485s everyone because there's so many posts
488s on that site but we do read almost all
490s of it and if not all of it so so please
494s post the stuff there i mean it's fine if
495s you want to discuss bugs or stuff like
496s that on our discord and on steam like
498s forums like whatever be our guest but
500s the question site really is the best
502s place to report uh issues because that
504s way the whole team um can look into it
507s like
508s dming me about issues or any feedback
510s you have in the game is not the way to
513s go because i will forget it the second i
515s close that dm um area really is the
517s question side so that the entire team
519s can look into it so please please uh
521s keyway side
522s good stuff good stuff so yeah that's
524s gonna be it for this video kind of short
526s and sweet just wanted to get get some
527s information out there you know always
529s good to get some information out there
531s you know
532s but uh yeah thanks for watching this
534s video i hope you have fun with the game
535s hope you're excited for the changes we
537s made in update six and hopefully you're
539s not running into too many issues
541s uh you know we do our best here okay uh
546s at any rate this is me signing off thank
548s you so much for watching and bye-bye
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