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1s hey everyone my name is Jason I'm a
3s community manager at coffee stain
5s Studios and thank you everyone for the
6s amazing response to last week's video
8s about bug prioritization and things like
9s that in Early Access
11s um it's a really interesting video that
12s I work pretty hard on with the script
14s and I think it worked turned out really
15s good so thank you everyone who commented
17s letting um you know their thoughts I
18s read a lot of comments so much
20s appreciated this week however you know I
23s don't feel like writing a script I don't
24s want to I want someone else to do it and
26s you know what I know just the person
29s entity
31s Chad GPT is going to write this week's
33s uh video folks and I don't know what's
34s gonna happen I generally have no idea
36s I'm nervous as all hell I've never even
38s used chat GPT before so we'll see how it
41s goes let's go let's just jump right over
43s into it we'll ask it some questions and
45s we'll get it to write me a script about
47s update Eights
50s update eight I don't know I don't know
51s what I'm gonna say we'll see how it goes
53s let's just try it all right we're here
55s with Chad GPT okay so the first thing
57s that I want to ask it is doesn't even
59s know what satisfactory is do you know
62s what satisfactory is
66s what the game satisfactory is
71s yes I'm filming oh they know
75s oh
77s we'll know our game yes I'm familiar
79s with the game satisfactory it is a first
81s person open world Factory building
83s simulation game developed at coffee
84s stain Studios they even got the right
86s Studio from coffee stain uh the game is
88s set on an alien planet where players
90s take on the role of an engineer sent by
93s a corporation to build and maintain
94s factories this is not like standard text
97s written in like Twitter bios like the
99s first part uh uh on is I think is maybe
102s straight from Twitter or close to it but
104s the rest is not players have to gather
106s resources construct buildings that
108s automate production to expand their
109s Factory and ultimately build a massive
111s space elevator it's a it's available on
114s Microsoft Windows true and epic game
117s store uh it's very good
121s it's also available on Steam just so you
126s know
129s thank you Yes actually is also available
131s on Steam it was released on Steam
132s earlier actually June one yeah hello
134s cool cool
136s what do you think of satisfactory now I
140s wonder if I can refer to satisfactory
142s just as satisfactory because it might
144s just think that satisfactory is just the
146s word satisfactory right so we'll see
147s what it says uh about this uh as a
150s language model AI I don't have personal
152s opinions or feelings same
154s sorry
155s however I I can provide you with the
159s general information and reviews of
160s satisfactory satisfactory has received
162s positive reviews from critics and
163s players who have praised its own
165s gameplay Factory building mechanics and
166s overall fun Factor okay uh maybe uh some
170s players find the game to be a great way
172s to relax and unwind true While others
174s enjoy the challenge of optimizing the
176s factories for maximum efficiency this is
178s crazy what
181s some also find the game's graphics and
183s sound to be designed to be top-notch
184s true
186s people do like the sound design and the
188s graphics do look pretty good overall
190s it's considered a well-crafted and
191s enjoyable game by the majority of its
193s players
196s wow I feel like that's fair to say
199s that's crazy
201s that's so impressive
203s but do you believe
206s satisfactory is dog
209s okay it's just gonna give the same thing
210s okay
212s oh hang on it's not the same thing the
215s truth comes out I can tell you the
216s satisfactory has generally received
218s positive reviews from critics and
219s players some people may not enjoy enjoy
222s the game as much as others but that is
223s subjective and varies from person to
225s person true it's important to keep in
227s mind that what one person may find to be
230s terrible another person may find to be
231s great it's always best to form your own
233s opinion by trying the game out for
235s yourself or reading multiple reviews
237s from different sources yeah very well
239s measured response okay not bad not bad
241s maybe you have a maybe chat GPT has a
244s future in uh Community Management who
246s knows who knows so now I kind of want to
249s know because I wanted to try and write
251s like like one of these Vlog video things
253s that I do uh here on this channel I want
255s I wanted to try and write one of these
257s videos in my style so I wonder if it
259s knows who I am okay there's no I don't
262s think this is gonna work but
265s because I I want to see if it if it can
267s write a script in my my style do you
270s know who Jace Varley is
277s okay
279s not familiar okay can you provide me
281s with more content yeah so Jace Varley is
284s the community manager
287s uh is a community manager sorry
291s it's a community manager at coffee stain
296s Studios
298s at coffee stain Studios
301s he makes videos for the game
303s satisfactory
305s [Laughter]
311s okay relax okay hang on it's okay
315s oh I I think I made Chad gbt
317s uncomfortable okay let me let me read
319s this thank you for the additional
321s information I apologize for not being
323s aware of Jay's barley it's fine as a
325s community manager coffee sense Studios
326s uh Community managers are responsible
328s for building and maintaining
330s relationships with the games Community
331s true usually through social media and
333s forums yeah they help to gather feedback
335s and ideas from players to improve the
336s game true
338s um as well as creating and sharing
340s content to keep the community engaged
342s and informed exactly it's likely that
344s Jace Riley is responsible for creating
345s uh development update videos for the
347s game satisfactory and interact with the
349s games Community that's exactly that's
352s exactly correct
355s fun good job do you know who's Smitty
359s trypto is
364s oh he doesn't they don't know they don't
365s snit either another good question uh
367s students ask here is how do I make
370s modular heavy
373s modular frames in satisfactory you know
377s what I'm curious if we say hey HMF am I
381s asking too much here okay
389s [Laughter]
394s oh my God
397s oh my God
399s [Laughter]
401s in the game satisfactory HMF or as we
405s know high membria thinsulation is a tier
408s two insulation that is used to make
410s equipment that can withstand high
411s temperatures such as the blast furnace
414s to make a HMF you will need the
416s following resources one fiberglass one
419s rubber to obtain these resources you
421s will need to gather them from the
422s environment so like from the fiberglass
424s trees or the rubber rocks or something
426s like that once you have the necessary
427s resources you can cross HMF using a
429s fabricator
430s new building you will need to place the
432s fabricator connected to power and load
434s it with the required resources then you
436s can select the HMF recipe and craft it
438s you can also craft an assembly line of
441s machines to automate the process of
443s obtaining the resources and crafting the
444s HMF this can include using a Constructor
446s pretty good to automatically gather
448s resources
449s usually a minor a smelter to convert the
452s raw materials into ingots true and a
454s manufacture to turn ingots into finished
456s products also true I think I want to ask
459s it again
460s I'll tell it I'll tell it HMF in
463s satisfactory stands for heavy modular
468s frames
471s foreign
477s is a project product that is used to
479s build larger more complex structures
480s true
482s such as the modular frame
485s and the modular platform coming in
487s update 8.
489s to make the heavy modular frames you
490s will need the following resources six
492s iron plates and two screws there's no
494s shot that's true
496s I don't know the heavy modular frame I I
498s block that out of my brain from trauma
501s all right yeah yeah you make them using
503s legal frames that makes sense please
505s don't include this part of the video
506s Mason to obtain these resources you will
508s need to gather iron ore from the
510s environment and then process it using an
511s iron smelter to get iron plates screws
514s are made by by using an assembly machine
517s coming soon and putting iron plates and
520s screws in it then you can craft heavy
522s modular frames using a Constructor
527s okay a Constructor
530s you all want to make heavy modular
531s frames in the Constructor that'd be sick
534s let's ask another question
535s um when will satisfactory leave early
540s access
543s foreign
548s we got unplugged from The Matrix
550s [Laughter]
552s so I don't know if I can ask them for a
554s script in our style since they have no
556s idea what our style is but I'll just do
558s it anyway and we'll see what happens
559s please write me a YouTube video script
561s about the next major update for the game
563s satisfactory in the typical style of
565s Jace Riley's videos for the coffee stain
567s Studios YouTube Channel please include
569s information about upcoming unreleased
571s features for satisfactory in the script
576s oh boy here we go oh boy
583s okay
585s we might need to change the thing
586s specific channels of brands should be
588s done by their own content credits hey
590s relax
593s dude
598s you're my content today all right right
601s a YouTube video script
605s about
607s potential new features that might be
612s added to the game satisfactory
616s by coffee stain Studios
620s um
621s I don't want to do potential because I
623s want to I don't want to be like
623s potentially I want to be like come up
625s with some features new features that
628s would be cool would be really cool if
631s they were added to if they were added to
635s the game satisfactory with coffee stain
637s Studios
638s script oh
642s laughs
651s oh my God
652s [Music]
655s it's making a whole script it's actually
658s doing it
659s it's talking about trades we already
661s have trades my dude it's fine that's
662s fine keep going you're doing great I
664s love how it has cut to footage of the
667s game so Mason editor all right you'll
670s get look you got some work here it's
671s putting you to work you have to go get
673s this b-roll yeah I don't know I guess I
675s just make this video then
678s hey satisfactory fans welcome back to
681s the official coffee stain Studios
682s Channel I'm your host Jace Farley and
685s today we're talking about some new
686s features that would be really cool to
687s see in the game satisfactory is already
690s an amazing game with its open world
692s Factory building mechanics and the
694s ability to automate production and
696s expand your factory but we know that
698s there's always room for improvement
700s first up we have the idea of adding a
702s transportation system to the game
704s imagine being able to like build trains
706s and tracks to transport resources and
709s products across your factory this would
711s not only add a new layer of strategy to
713s the game but it would also make it
715s easier to manage your resources and keep
717s your factory running smoothly another
719s cool feature that we'd like to see is
721s the ability to build underwater
722s factories this would add a whole new
724s dimension to the game and would make
726s exploration even more exciting imagine
728s being able to mine resources from the
730s ocean floor and build factories that can
732s withstand the pressure of the deep sea
734s another idea that we've been thinking
735s about is adding a weather system to the
737s game this this would add more realism
739s and immersion to the game and would also
741s affect gameplay for example you would
742s need to build shelters for your workers
744s during storms and you would have to plan
747s your resource Gathering trips based on
749s weather forecasts next up we have the
751s idea of adding a multiplayer support
753s imagine being able to play the game with
755s friends build factories together and
758s share resources this would make the game
759s more social and fun to play with friends
761s and family another cool feature we'd
763s like to see is the ability to Advanced
765s automation options
768s as a programmable logic controllers and
771s conveyor belts that can sort and Route
773s resources based on specific criteria
775s this would make the game more
776s challenging and require more strategy to
778s make the factory run efficiently and
780s another idea another idea that we've
783s been thinking about is adding research
785s and development feature so this would
786s allow players to research new
788s technologies and unlock new items to
790s build such as advanced generators or new
793s types of machines this would make the
795s game more diverse and give players more
797s options for building their factories and
799s next up we have the idea of adding
801s Advanced Power Systems imagine being
803s able to use different types of power
805s such as solar or wind power and the
808s ability to build large-scale power
810s plants this would add more realism and
812s strategy to the game as players would
814s have to consider how to power their
816s factories another cool feature we'd like
818s to see is the ability to build Advanced
819s terrain manipulation imagine being able
822s to build tunnels and bridges and the
824s ability to terraform the landscape this
826s would add more depth and realism to the
827s game and make exploration even more
829s exciting and the last idea that we've
831s been thinking about is adding Dynamic
833s events this would add random events that
835s can occur in the world such as resource
837s shortages natural disasters or alien
840s invasions
842s this would make the game more
844s challenging and require more strategy to
846s manage resources and keep the factory
848s running and yeah so those are just a few
850s of the many new features that we think
852s would be really cool to see in the game
853s we hope that coffee stain Studios
856s we hope that coffee stain Studios takes
858s these suggestions into consideration
860s When developing new updates for the game
862s let us know in the comments below what
865s new features you would like to see added
867s to satisfactory thanks for watching and
869s we'll see you in the next video don't
870s forget to like And subscribe for more
872s satisfactory content bye foreign
877s [Music]
882s yeah okay so I don't know what the hell
883s that video was very weird but also
885s really impressive the technology was
887s pretty crazy actually
889s um I don't know what do you think of
891s those features I mean many of them have
892s been suggested already uh by you guys
894s the underwater factories that was new
897s but overall I think Chad GPD is super
899s impressive that was really fun I hope
901s you enjoyed enjoy the video I'm sorry
902s there's no like you know actual news or
905s quite frankly anything of substance in
907s this video but it was just kind of a fun
909s time and I really really enjoyed playing
911s with chat GPT so I hope that the video
913s was fun for you as well if it was leave
915s a like and all that stuff just like Chad
916s GPT said and uh yeah I'll see you maybe
919s next week or something uh who knows
921s maybe I'll be fired because we have
923s someone
924s who can already do my job for free so
927s who knows thanks for watching everyone
929s I'll catch you next time bye
937s for example you would need to build
939s shelters for your workers uh during the
941s storm your workers by the way
948s [Laughter]