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27s oh oh it's that thing is that yeah that
31s right
32s yeah yeah we'll get to that we'll get to
34s that we'll get to that
38s but have you figured out what it is
42s hey hey i'm snoot i'm one of the
44s community managers at coffee stain
45s studios and i have a couple of things i
47s want to talk about today regarding the
49s creatures in our game there's also a
51s couple of things i want to tell you
52s about the mam but we'll get to that
54s we'll get to that right so the next
56s update we're working on is update six
58s and the theme for this update focuses on
60s improving the exploration aspect of
61s satisfactory a big part of exploring the
64s planet boils down to what the
66s environment looks like where do you go
68s what kind of resources can you discover
71s how much do they weigh
73s and what kind of creatures do you
74s encounter that brings that environment
76s to life the creatures you encounter on
77s the planet play a big part in the player
80s experience when exploring and we felt
82s that the current iteration of creatures
84s and their behavior have had some room
86s for improvement so for this update we've
88s kind of rebuilt the ai system from the
90s ground up to better support the
91s direction we want to take them in so
93s doing this proved to be a much bigger
95s undertaking than we estimated and we ran
98s into like a whole bunch of roadblocks
100s along the way we're quite happy with the
102s system itself but there's still a lot of
104s work when it comes to implementing the
106s ai for creatures and this can take quite
108s some time before we're fully happy with
110s it the overall of the creature ai isn't
113s necessarily to make the enemies harder
115s it's more about adding variety to the
117s creature's behavior and that's the key
120s thing here right variety because while
123s we won't necessarily add new uh
125s creatures in this update we are going to
128s make changes to the existing hostile
129s creatures let's talk about some of the
131s creature changes we made
133s and what you can expect to see in this
134s update essentially so first of all the
137s spitters in the game will have a
138s different look we want the spitters to
140s sort of like fit the biome that they
141s recite in so we've added three new
144s spitter types we've added desert
146s tropical and forest looking types that
148s you run into in different sections of
149s the map
150s there's also like a small version and a
152s big version of them in the future we
154s want these different variations to have
155s their own unique attacks and behavior
157s variations as well but for now they'll
160s have the same sort of set of behaviors
162s and just look differently essentially
164s hogs have also gotten some tweaks to
165s their behavior when they're attacking
167s the player and they also know like
169s telegraph when they're doing like that
171s charge a bit better by doing this like
173s animation wind up before they come
174s crashing in uh the hogs will still look
177s pretty much the same for now but we hope
179s to give the hog some updated looks in
180s the future as well
182s and on the topic of like general ai
184s behavior some of the creatures now have
186s a couple of more behavior states uh in
189s addition to the existing behavior states
190s the creatures will now also do like an
192s investigative state sort of to try and
194s figure out like where their enemy went
196s if they're chasing something and we've
198s also implemented so that creatures now
200s react to sound as well so enemies will
202s also investigate if they heard something
204s nearby which also means that you can now
207s sneak up behind enemies to like sucker
209s punch them or just like sneak by them if
211s you don't want to if you want to take
212s the more passive approach essentially uh
215s don't expect like any fancy like stealth
217s mechanics or anything like that it's not
218s metal gear sole or anything it's just
219s like an added touch to the existing
221s behavior that we have so
223s what is that cabbage looking yolk thing
225s that we've been teasing for a long time
227s now like what is it is it a new plant is
229s it a new creature well
232s it's actually none of those things
234s it's actually a redesign of the crab
236s hatcher
238s but it's not just a new look for it
239s though the crab hatcher still triggers
242s the same way as before when the player
243s gets close to it it will spawn a bunch
245s of flying crabs that attack the player
247s the difference now though is that the
248s crab batcher will keep spawning the baby
250s crabs until the hatch has been destroyed
253s we've also tweaked the flying crabs to
255s only have like one hp so they now go
257s down in like one hit and we also felt
260s like their ai was a little bit too
261s complex actually with the way they like
263s rolled around on the ground and stuff
264s like that when you hit them so we
266s decided to simplify their behavior a lot
268s so these are some of the changes you can
271s expect for update 6 for creatures for
273s now it isn't everything we originally
275s planned so we won't be finished with
277s this part of update 6 when it comes out
279s in the past we probably would have
281s waited actually with releasing this
282s update until we're closer to our vision
284s of how we want creatures to be in the
286s game but as i mentioned in the at the
288s announcement of update 6 we have to sort
290s of work a bit differently if we're able
292s to reach 1.0 in a reasonable rate and we
294s also couldn't release all the other
296s stuff without these new system changes
298s as they are like depending on one
299s another so we'll just have to deal with
301s the fact that we didn't manage to fully
302s finish what we set out to do for
304s creatures in update six so in some
305s regards you know creatures might not be
307s what we aim for them to be right now in
309s some aspects of the ai might actually be
311s a bit worse than before but we are going
313s to keep working on this while the update
315s is out on experimental which by the way
317s is going to be a bit longer than past
319s experimental periods so expect like a
321s you know a couple of update drops when
323s it comes to this sort of thing being
324s improved while the game is on
326s experimental the plan for creatures in
328s the future is to keep working on variety
330s we intend to tweak creature health and
333s damage values more depending on where
334s you run into them and as i mentioned
336s before another thing we didn't have time
338s to get around to is add more varieties
339s to the hogs looks
341s and like have them spawn in like
343s locations where they thematically fit
345s better in addition to this there's also
347s a new creature that we were working on
349s but uh we need a bit more time before we
351s can actually show that off yet so yeah
353s big tease we also want to strengthen the
355s connection between factory building and
357s exploration with creatures and combat
359s part of this is why we introduce new
360s ammo types as we want players to have
363s access to more powerful and different
364s tools to overcome exploration challenges
367s as they progress
368s so that's sort of the rundown of like
370s the creature changes that we have
372s planned for now now there's a there's
374s another couple of things i want to talk
375s about in this video uh one of which is
377s that there's a couple of new parts
378s coming the creatures in the game will
380s still drop loots once you've defeated
382s them and all the creature loot will now
384s have to be grinded down into a new part
386s called alien protein which
389s boy had it doesn't that look just look
391s tasty huh
392s this part will replace other alien loot
394s in some research and crafting such as
396s the inhaler from alien protein you'll
398s also be able to create these dna
400s capsules which will be used for science
402s research and some additional unspecified
404s purposes in the future another new part
407s that is related to the new ammo type
408s changes is smokeless powder this part is
411s an advanced type of black powder and can
414s be produced by combining black powder
416s with heavy oil residue in a refinery the
418s next big thing i want to talk about is
419s the mam and specifically some of the
422s changes we're making to the research
423s tree in the mam
424s the blade runners will now be unlocked
427s in the course tree instead of keterium
429s as he felt that quartz is somewhat
430s underwhelming and coterium was sort of
433s stealing all the thunder we've also
434s moved a few uh noteworthy alt recipes to
437s be unlocked in the ma'am now which is
440s kind of wild
441s the polyester fabric recipe is now
443s unlocked in the mycelia research tree
445s because we felt it wasn't really useful
446s enough for players to want to spend like
448s a hard drive for it and the compacted
451s coal
452s is now unlocked in the sulfur research
454s tree along with the turbo fuel recipe
456s which is like
458s what where's this change coming from the
460s main reason these two were moved was to
462s avoid the hard drive grind for
463s experienced players generally these
465s recipes also provide like a nicer power
467s progression so we felt it made sense to
470s make them more accessible but let us
472s know in the comments if you feel like we
473s goofed it with this decision because it
475s is a little bit out of the blue right
477s but hopefully our reasoning makes sense
478s for this another key change we're making
480s to the mam is that we're expanding the
481s visibility of mam research to allow
483s players to see more of the future
485s research options currently the mam hides
487s a large part of the available research
489s and so in update 6 we're making it so
491s that the future research options are
493s visible this change is mostly to
495s increase motivation to interact with the
497s mam and to allow players to better plan
500s like their progression a similar change
502s has been made to the awesome shop as
504s well so that some items that have
506s research requirements will now show
508s their pre-requisite unlock
511s uh milestones and mam research that
513s unlocks such a prerequisite now
515s clarifies that it does and any shop
517s unlocks with dependencies to any
519s research chain unlocks are no longer
521s hidden until the prerequisite has been
523s met count how many times i said
525s prerequisite such a funny word pre pre
529s it's like losing its meaning now that i
531s said it so many times so cool that's
533s probably gonna be all for today so
535s remember we're not quite there yet when
537s it comes to the changes we're making to
539s the creatures in update six there's more
540s to come on this front so hopefully
542s you'll be a bit understanding that this
544s area of the game is still a bit of work
545s in progress once the update drops
547s anyways glad you made it to the end of
549s the video
550s but all good things have to come to an
552s end don't forget to floss before
553s brushing your teeth and we'll see each
556s other in the next one bye-bye
561s actually
563s okay wait there's actually one more
564s thing uh
566s i forgot really important i just wanted
568s to give you an update on what we're
569s planning to do with overclocking in
571s update six uh a few weeks back i talked
574s about that we were thinking of changing
576s overclocking to be linear and that we
578s were planning on trying that out in
579s update 6. well
582s change of plans
583s we're not doing that in update 6. we
585s might still do that later down the line
587s but we want to spend a bit more time
589s looking into this ourselves and evaluate
591s it before we are to give it a go sort of
594s so in update six you won't see any
595s changes made to overclocking uh but
597s we'll see what we do in the future
598s regarding this so yeah just just really
600s quickly want to get that out there uh so
602s yeah now you know and knowing it's half
604s the battle okay actually bye
614s by the way um
616s update 6 is going to be available on
618s experimental next week on june 14th
622s fun fact