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Originally posted by Macdallan: I was super tired when I wrote the original post and I meant diagonal, not horizontal. I have corrected that error.

I'm not "annoyed" by it, it actually had a negative physiological effect on me. A person I played the game with also commented about it. Luckily they're only on screen for a few moments but the lines affected both of us so I felt it was worth bringing up.

Yes, I know why they're on the screen but this isn't an actual emergency, it's a game, so they can tone it down or remove it with no ill effect. They could alter them slightly so they're not so disorienting or bothersome. Or they can leave them as is and have it continue to be a minor issue for some of us. Not a big deal, I suppose.
Thank you for the feedback! Could you please clarify which diagonal lines exactly you had issues with? We take accessibility seriously, so if it's something that can be changed, we will look into it :)

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