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01 Oct

    Anais on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
The official Second Extinction Discord server is ready and waiting for you to join in!

We have a nice buffet of memes, feedback, discussions, and general gamer talk all provided to you by a big group of hungry dinosaur hunters getting ready for combat! You'll also find answers to your most common questions in the FAQ's or ask the devs channel.

Join the dinosaur-killing party via the link below.

29 Sep


You can play the missions in whatever order you'd like, except one that you'll have to unlock by playing. Check out our Steam page ( for full info on what will be in the game at EA launch :)

    Anaïs on Steam - Thread - Direct
Design, the invisible but fundamental part of a game.

Unlike art, audio, or animation - which are encountered and remembered in instances - design is supposed to run seamlessly and be unnoticeable.

There’s a saying that 99% of design is invisible; you only really notice it when something starts to go wrong. The designer’s job is to think of all the questions that might pop up when you play the game, and not only have answers to them but present them in a way that’s easy to understand.

Here, along with Lead Designer Simon Vickers, we take a deep-dive into the journey of Second Extinction’s design. Simon takes us through the easy wins and unforeseen problems when making a game about the world's most terrifyingly relentless and awe-inspiring creatures - dinosaurs.

Read the full dev diary ... Read more

25 Sep

    Anaïs on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hold onto your butts! The Early Access launch is just around the corner.

Questions on what content and features will be added have started flooding in, and this roadmap gives you a sense of what’s ahead. The roadmap is a living document for you to easily follow the plans and progression of Second Extinction’s Early Access evolution.

Content and features are categorized by how close they are to becoming a reality. This leaves room for you, the community, to influence what we work on and prioritize. We can’t wait to let you get your hands on Second Extinction and join us in the fight to reclaim earth.

See you in the battleground soon.
    Anaïs on Steam - Thread - Direct
Welcome back to Freak of the Week, where we take a closer look at the mutated monstrosities you’re soon going to vanquish and reclaim earth.

Say hi to the little guy with his eyes on the prize - THE WATCHER!
At only 1.65m, The Watcher is more likely to run away than to put up a fight. His strength lies in his ability to call for backup and let his bigger and badder buddies deal with you. Don’t let him make that distress call!

Since he lacks armor but can run fast, ending him with a clean sniper headshot from a distance is a good way to interrupt his alarm signal.

24 Sep


Yes what BlitzenOmega said, Xbox launch is planned for 2021.

18 Sep

    Anaïs on Steam - Thread - Direct
Welcome to Freak of the Week!

Here you get to take a closer look at the mutated monstrosities you’re soon going to vanquish and reclaim earth.

The first one comes from way down below - THE DIGGER! Standing over 2 meters tall this reptile is only as tough as his bone plates are - blow them away to get to his bare body and put him out of his misery.

14 Sep

    Anaïs on Steam - Thread - Direct
You’ve been (not always so) patiently waiting, and finally, the day has come.
We have the date ready for when you can load up, jump into your launch pods, and begin the fight to reclaim earth.

So when is it? Watch the video below and let the art of the legendary cover artist Tom duBois accompanied by the unique game-inspired synth tunes of Cody Carpenter guide you to the answer.

08 Sep

07 May

    Altalon on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Can't talk about that at the moment, but you'll hear more soon :)