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I solo queued a few ranked dominion games last night in "prime-time" and still didn't have one full lobby. All lobbies started 6 or 8. Playing on PC, servers rotated games between NAE and NAW, I'm in low-mid silver.

Did the hotfix actually help soloq matchmaking or do I still have to look for a group if I want full games? I haven't seen any info on what was actually done to address that issue, the patch notes were very vague on it.

Interested if others are experience the same thing.

On an unrelated topic, the stuttering near/in a cap zone seems to have only gotten worse. It's pretty frustrating.

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FYI our metrics show we did reduce the frequency of 3v3 matches and increased the frequency of 5v5 matches, but we're still investigating an issue where Dominion ranked in particular has a lot more 4v4 matches than expected.