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10s oh no no no no no we got to get this
12s place cleaned up before the students get
14s here i think the last thing they want to
15s see is that all-shaped skid mark over
17s there
18s is that ryan
20s guys we need name tags for these people
22s already
23s anyway it's career day so you know
26s look sharp
28s are you ready to start are you ready to
30s start did you wear deodorant yes
33s to only one of those well like i'm
35s starving so can we do this quick
38s here at the portal observation and
40s gamification institute we believe that
42s there are three pillars which will
43s dramatically increase your win rate in
45s the arena
46s speed momentum and cunning
49s and winners take risks you should too
52s legal is not going to like this
54s speaking of legal not liking this a
56s carefully placed portal will throw your
58s opponent for a loop but hell don't stop
61s at one portal turn the whole place into
63s a house of mirrors really just make them
66s question their own existence
68s that's the good stuff yeah
71s oh and remember that the enemy won't be
73s able to see through your portal so you
75s know use that to your advantage
77s in the arena inertia is your greatest
80s ally so the momentum you carry through
82s portals will allow you to reach unique
84s weapons
85s or gain a new angle on the battlefield
88s you know like if you were a flying
89s squirrel
91s or a flying bat
93s or a flying cat or you know any other
96s creature that flies and glides sugar
98s glider probably should have pulled that
99s one out myself
101s anyways you're scurrying around the map
102s like you're a crafty battle rat or
104s sugar glider
106s gotta bring that guy back
107s make sure to close the door behind you
109s you don't want to accidentally let the
111s bogeyman in
112s so now remember with great power comes
114s great responsibility
116s are we allowed to say that anyway what
118s were you talking about portals yes go
120s out there wield that portal power like
122s you're a lobster
124s with a knife
125s anyway while i'm pondering that i'm
127s gonna get out of here so uh
129s later to you and to you
131s you wanna grab a burger with me pretty
133s please come on your treat i'm good
136s thanks
137s ready to test out what you've learned
139s here
142s we've just introduced a brand new battle
144s pass in split gate beta season 2 for you
147s to climb through the ranks fight for
149s glory and earn some very cool gear
155s [Music]
159s you