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These all read like antivirus app issues, and AVG is known to have a problem with the current launcher version 2021.10.1 . What if you opt into the beta of the next launcher version 2022.1 ? That's done in Launcher Settings.

That aside there must be more you need to do in AVG to allow the launcher and game to read and write where they like. You may need help from their support for that.

I assume running stellaris.exe directly at least allows you into the game?  
12 days ago - AndrewT - Direct link
It is possible to tell the game and launcher to store saves and log files and settings elsewhere, but it is fiddly, and might need to be redone nay time there was a game update. A better approach is to fix the root cause of the problem IMO.

Did you try the launcher beta, as I suggested?

Failing that you may need to get AVG's help in setting this up to work properly - I know it is possible because other AVG users have done it.  

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