12 days ago - AndrewT - Direct link
That would normally indicate a video driver or hardware problem, but I see no sign of that in that system.log

Has the game ever worked on this machine? Or never yet?

Does Eu4 work okay?

DXDIAG is a program you run from the Windows search box on the task bar. After running it will open a window and start collecting info with a progress bar in the lower-left corner. When it completes click the 'save all information' button and save it to a file then attach that file here.  
12 days ago - AndrewT - Direct link
We see some LiveKernelEvent entries in there, which happen when the machine or Window is forcibly downed or rebooted. Are you seeing that, is it related to this game or something else?

That aside I see no clear cause of this in there. If you make a new Windows user on this machine, log into it with that, and try the game there do you still get this?  

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